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This is a group for anyone interested in Real Estate investing. We have multiple meetings per month that include a different Real Estate investment speaker and providing the education and knowledge to beginners investors and experienced investors! This is also a great way for your networking!

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Get On The Right Path To Real Estate Investing!

Online event

You can be a real estate investor! On March 2 at 7 pm, we will have a speaker Tom Perry teach you how to get on the right path of Real Estate investing! CLICK HERE to register

Whether it's flipping houses, or holding rental properties, you can start investing in real estate and create income and long term wealth.

Maybe you've just never had someone show you how.

Maybe you've seen house flipping shows on television that seem a bit too good to be true, like you weren't getting the full picture of what's involved.

But you thought, "I could do that."

Good news: You can.

Right Path's course is designed to show you how real estate investing is really done. We've flipped hundreds of houses, renovated hundreds more, and helped thousands of investors get started, grow, and scale their real estate portfolios.

We can help you, too.

We've all heard the horror stories.

Sometimes people fail. And sometimes those people act like an authority on why you should never try, either.

The truth of the matter was they didn't follow a proven method or a tested way. You can't succeed because they didn't. Misery loves company.

That isn't the life you want.

This course will show you how we approach flipping houses in our own business. We'll take you through the 3 major phases of flipping the way we do it ourselves.

He will discuss how you market for houses, generate leads, talk with sellers, determine market values, estimate repairs, understand your costs, and get the house under contract and purchased so you can start the next phase.

Tom will show you how to manage a renovation using the same process we use on our flips. We'll share with you best practices that we've picked up from doing hundreds of these projects.

He will walk you through how to sell the house, from marketing it, to working with real estate agents, to negotiating with buyers, and working with title companies to ensure a smooth transaction.
You're going to learn to run your real estate portfolio like a profitable business, and understand the numbers and logistics of how the process works.

You just need a tested plan that works.

He's going to show you how to get on the Right Path.

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Workshop - Beat the odds with The “Hidden Market”

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