• Business Meeting, Social & Guest Speaker: Diallo Sekou

    Leci's Italian Cafe

    Join us this month for our business meeting (6:30pm) followed by our social (7:00pm) with Diallo Sekou as our guest speaker discussing issues facing the black community. Diallo is a Community Advocate here in Jacksonville, as well as the CEO of Urban-GeoPonics and The Black Commission. Urban-Geoponics is a grassroots urban agricultural movement that aims to create jobs to employ the underemployed while driving people towards a higher quality of life through education and empowerment. The Black Commission seeks to educate, engage and empower the black community on the issues, amendments and laws surrounding politics, education, healthcare, economics and law enforcement which affects us all. Please be sure to RSVP so we can relay the headcount to our host, Leci's. Though we may not agree with current or future city-wide mandates, we are a guest at Leci's and will respect their wishes. The business meeting will be on-site starting at 6:30pm, with the social and speaker directly after. Remote options are available for the business portion for those interested. We'll keep everyone posted with how the latest COVID news affects the social. Look forward to seeing you there!