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2nd Annual Little Rock Hiking Cookout!

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Mark Your calendar! It's on, the pavilion has been reserved. The 2012 picnic was so much fun we have got to make this an annual thing! The potluck concept seemed to work well, there was an abundance of food and a large variety for everyone to enjoy. I will provide the grill and a music box. We can compile a list as we get closer to the date. There are several reason to celebrate, a wedding anniversary, several birthdays, just to hang out and even back to school!

Time to make a list of contributions!

Charles: Pavilion, CD Player, Grill, Chicken

Brenda T: Charcoal, Salsa, Chips

Michael C: Kosher beef hotdogs, homemade peanut butter pie

Teresa N: Gluten free pasta salad and chips n dip

Rechell : Bottled water, sodas, desserts

Amanda S: Corn, avocado, tomato and lime salad

Elizabeth T: Peach cobbler:-P

Jerry: Burgers

Bern: Hamburger Buns

Shana: Fruit salad, bacon ranch pasta salad and a veggie tray. Uno, skip bo and phase 10 games

Georgia: Paper plates and cups

Christy: Mustard , Ketchup, and Mayo

Crystal: Pickles, onions, tomatoes, cheese, salt, pepper

Tram: Lemonade & Finger Food

Christopher: Marinated Pineapple

Rafael: Marinated Chicken

Stephanie: Hand sanitizer, plastic forks, and hot dog buns

Alan: Baked beans and potato salad

Gabrielle: Ice and a veggie platter

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