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Hero of The West (D&D Tabletop 3.5)

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Last time we met, part of our party met for the first time after receiving a vision that told them to find "The Hero of the West". After meeting with the headmaster at the school of magic, they were sent on a simple task to bring back the skins of some "shock lizards". However, killing twelves little lizards who can cause electric damage is a lot harder than they thought. And, of course, after killing the little lizards, who should appear but the monster that was keeping them as pets? It was difficult, but the party managed to defeat the troll as well.

On the troll's corpse, however, was an inscribed ring that led the party on a wild goose chase to find it's owner, but led to some interesting loot and a place to get discounted health potions.

Now the real quest begins. They still haven't found the old hero, but they might've found someone who can: a necromancer living in the swamps by the name of Artemia Brown, the last known person to speak to the old hero.


Last time we met, we realized the 23rd won't work for a lot of people. So we talked about it and we figured either next Friday (the 16th) or maybe on a day in between Christmas and New Years would work for everyone. What day works best for everyone? Let me know what works for everyone and we'll try to make it work!