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At Luna Sound Therapy we offer group, private and corporate sound therapy sessions using the mysterious and powerful sounds of the gong.

The sound bath immersion therapy is a sensory experience where the gong is the supreme healing tool. There are also other instruments being played, all of which are aimed to give you a total immersion into a dissonant harmony of restorative sounds. These permeate all of your senses and the vibrations will soon put you into a meditative state where you will either doze off or stay in a dreamlike state of relaxation.

Sound goes into our brain through our ears and effects our nervous system, our heart rate, our breathing and our brain waves. The gong lowers the frequency of our brain waves and automatically takes us to a deep state of relaxation, a transcendental dreamlike state.

The brain is not able to analyse or categorise the sounds produced by the gong therefore it gives up and surrender, allowing the often over thinking left brain to pause and produce lower frequency brainwaves.

Your brain will have no choice but to unwind.

So all you have to do is Relax. Unplug. Do nothing.

Let go and allow the sounds of the gong to “bathe” you, to restore you to harmony and to heal you.

It’s an individual sound journey, a unique experience that will work on a physical, mental and emotional level. The sounds of the gong travel deep in the body and they will do their therapeutic work massaging your brain, whether you can hear them or not, whether you are awake or asleep.

So, just let go, be open and receive!

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