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Please join us every month for Contra dancing and weekly for English and Scottish country dance classes. (Please note that we are NOT a Country and Western dance group! In our context "Country Dance" means historical dances that were danced by the common man, not only by the nobility.)

Information about the location, time and price of each event is given in the description of each individual Meetup event. In addition to the regular events we host two annual balls, The Jane Austen Ball in the Spring or Summer, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in the Autumn.

Contra is a form of American social dance with roots going back to English Country Dance and Scottish Country Dance. In many ways it is similar to Square Dance, but Contra Dance is simpler and can be learned in a single evening. Instead of dancing in squares consisting of four couples, Contra is danced in long lines running down the hall. Couples dance in groups of four within these long lines, advancing on to the next couple in the line after each repetition of the dance, allowing each couple to dance one repetition with each of the other couples on the floor. English Country Dance and Scottish Country Dance follow this same pattern.

English Country Dance as a social dance form began in the 1600's, but it's heyday was between 1700 and 1914. You can think of it as the dances of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. While being stately and graceful, it still gives you a good workout, and is highly addictive.

Scottish Country Dance has been an active form of social dance in Scotland for centuries, at one time being considered primarily the same as English Country Dance. Around 1715 they separated and became two distinct forms of dance, although very similar. Scottish Country Dance is still danced today, particularly at celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, what have you. It is very aerobic, and incredibly fun to do!

You are not required to bring a partner to any of our dances - the tradition is to change partners after every dance, so there will always be someone ready to dance with you.

Our email address is lvcontra@gmail.com.

Make sure to check our website for complete descriptions of our dances! http://www.lasvegascountrydance.org .

In addition to the Meetup group and our website, we also have the following Facebook groups:

Las Vegas Contra Dance

Las Vegas English Country Dance

Scottish Country Dance

We look forward to dancing with you!

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