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Getting spastic about plastic! Overcoming our addiction to everlasting plastic.
Have you become aware of the never-ending river of plastic flowing through your life? Have you seen documentaries like Bag It, Plastic Paradise, or Addicted to Plastic? Do pictures of dead seabirds with guts full of plastic make you feel a certain way? We'll talk about how the plastic economy works, truths and myths of both plastic recycling as well as plastic impacts on health. Then we'll talk about steps to take to begin removing not only plastic from your life, but also your plastic contribution to the permajunk-stream. From low-hanging fruit like shopping bags and disposable bottles to the hard-core stuff like shampoo and detergent containers, we'll talk about lifestyle changes and how to make them. Bring your own experiences of reducing to share. Btw, Whole Foods has a great food bar, and Wednesdays are discount days :-) come early and let's have a bite together. Bring your own utensils!

Whole Foods Market

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    The purpose of the Las Vegas Personal Development Group is to use personal development tools and techniques, as well as emotional transformation techniques to remove obstacles standing between us and our goals, our visions for our lives.

    We'll have a different topic each week related to a skill in one or more of these major areas of life:

    Health & Fitness
    Career/Business/Life Role
    Money & Finance
    Social Life & Relationships
    Spirituality/Development along Life Path
    Habits & Self Discipline

    People in this group are positive, energetic, and looking for or on their path of purpose and passion. They are open-minded, eager to learn and teach, and willing to make decisions that make them uncomfortable if necessary.

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