What we're about

A group for readers of lesswrong.com (http://lesswrong.com/) and anyone else interested in the same meme-space: overcoming cognitive biases, optimizing literally everything, arguing philosophy, discussing science news and preparing for the arrival of our AI overlords.

To get an overview of LessWrong, visit http://lesswrong.com/about/

We meet every second Saturday of the month. There's often a theme and some kind of activity or exercise, with no required preparations - though we like it when people bring on-topic things to talk about to the meetup, like an article they've read or a question that's been bothering them.

Feel free to introduce yourself there, or just come over to our next meetup and see what we're like.

The membership and RSVPs on meetup.com do not reflect the actual group size. Expect 4-5 people on an average meetup, with maybe 20 active members overall.

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