What we're about

I am Kiran Dintyala. I am a physician, author, speaker, and a stress management expert.

As you know, the burnout and stress levels are very high in our current society. Whether you are a working professional, stay home mom, college student, or a retired senior citizen, we all are facing tremendous amounts of stress in this 21st century.

How to combat stress and find lasting peace and true happiness in life is the primary focus of this group.

Over the past decade, as a physician and stress management expert I realized that it’s much easier to lead a stress-free life and find happiness than what most people think.

We will discuss the secrets of FINDING CALM in our lives during our group meetings. You can bring to the table your life experiences about happiness.

Together we will spread happiness all around us and thus we make this world a better place, slowly and steadily, where we are.

Welcome to this new journey of happiness,
Kiran :)

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