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This Meetup is intended to bring together nonbelievers in the La Crosse area. During our Meetups we will gather to share stories, and talk current events and issues facing Atheists. We may also gather to take part in fun activities like games, nature walks, potlucks, live music, etc.

This community is here for anyone who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods. You may prefer to identify as an agnostic, humanist, free thinker, skeptic, etc. All are still welcome. We also welcome "Atheist Friendly" theists to attend, so feel free to bring a curious friend or spouse.

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May La Crosse Atheist meetings - This month at Copeland Park

Needs a location

•***May 28th at 10am for the next La Crosse Driftless Atheist meeting! Copeland Park (under the trees) for the next meeting. Look for the Rubik's cube on the camping chair to find this meeting. (note: I will bring a few extra chairs as well)

This is an informal loosely structured meetup so conversations may drift into unrelated topics. What to bring: Bring topics, a camping chair, personal snacks and drink if you want (not a pot luck though), and news that you'd like to discuss with the group. • Important to know In accordance with Meetup.com community guidelines Members must be 18 years of age or older. Those under 18 who wish to attend must be supervised by and adult guardian.

We may play some bocce under the trees during the second half of the meeting as well.

Hopefully the weather will be OK for May. You never know this time of year....***


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