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• About the Group

I created this group in July 2019 to facilitate friendships between women in their 40s and 50s. As we mature, some of us realize that it is less important to have a ton of friends and more important to have quality ones. It is my hope that the Friendship Circle will help members move toward this goal. The group will have a small, but active membership and it will have 3 to 4 small get-togethers of 4-6 ladies per month. Events will be chosen to facilitate conversation so that members can get to know one another. As such, we will meet over meals, drinks or coffee. The goal is for members to make friends with ladies that they can do other types of activities outside of the group.

The group is going to be kept pretty small so all members are expected to actively participate. I am hoping to build a core group of members who participate often so that it eventually feels more like you are going out to meet your girlfriends rather than a Meetup with strangers. Initially, membership will be limited to around 20-25 ladies. After that, I will evaluate to see if we can have slightly more members. This will never be a group of 100+ ladies and I doubt that it will ever be over 35 members.

Most of the events will be held in the inner city with a focus on the NW & NE. The locations of events will repeat as I will select places that are convenient for me so that I can host enough get-togethers for members to make meaningful connections. Please join us if you are new to Calgary, looking to meet more girlfriends or simply want to socialize more. Members can be single, divorced, married or in a relationship. All is good as long as you are friendly, respectful, and enjoy having fun!

As the group will be small and its size will be limited, it is essential that members are a good fit, and participate frequently. To ensure this and the Friendship Circle's success, membership policies have been developed to foster respect, safety and an active membership.

***To be able to reply to the profile questions, you will need to read the group's policies (below) prior to requesting to join the group.***

• Membership Policies

1/ Profile Picture

A clear and recognizable profile picture is required (at all times) for membership. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ONE IS LOADED BEFORE APPLYING.


2/ Waiver

A signed liability waiver is required to join this group.


3/ Attendance

If you treat this group as you would a friend, you should not run into issues with the attendance policies. During your membership, if you find that you are having trouble adhering to any of the below attendance policies, please contact the organizer to avoid disappointment.

(a) Participation

New members must sign up for their first event within 30 days of joining the group and attend their first event within 45 days of joining the group. Members who don't will be removed from the group without notice.

Existing members who are inactive for 60 days may be removed from the group without notice. If you wish to have an extension on the 60 days, please contact the organizer before the end of the period. Please only ask for an extension if it is an exception.

(b) No Shows

"No shows" are not cool or respectful. For this reason, "No shows" will be removed from the group without notice. Of course, if a member feels that there is a good reason why she could not contact the organizer directly or change her RSVP on Meetup, this will be taken into account if the member reaches out to explain to the organizer.

(c) Cancelling RSVPs (Changing YES to NO)

Members who cancel with less than 24 hours notice may be removed from the group without notice.

Members who repeatedly cancel a week or less prior to an event may be removed from the group without notice. As events will have limited spots, it's important to not hold a spot if you are not fairly certain that you can attend the get-together. Please try to cancel a week prior to events so that others have a chance to take your spot. Of course, life happens so exceptions are understandable. However, for a small group like this, even cancelling 30% of the time can be too much if it is too close to the event date.


4/ Good Behavior

Members must be respectful and behave appropriately at all times with other members and the organizer. Please be aware that this IS NOT A NETWORKING GROUP and members cannot promote their businesses. Members who are either not respectful, consistently arrive late to events, make others uncomfortable or behave inappropriately will be removed from the group without notice.


5/ Communication

An email address that is monitored daily is required for membership. The organizer will use it to get feedback to help plan events or for other reasons from time to time. Before the application process can begin, the organizer must receive your email address. Please send this email immediately after you apply for membership. Your application will be denied if an email is not received by the organizer.

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