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'Ladies About Town' is a group for ladies (average age seems to be maybe 40-45? Im older!), to get together to make new friends, to have some laughs and learn from each other in the areas of relationships, work-life, home-life, being parents, or just to get the heck out of the house once in awhile and have some fun! 👩👧👩‍🦰🤴👱‍♀️.

Members must have a clear photo of themselves (no, motorcycle helmets with sunglasses on is not what I mean...), and, unless you're actually undercover 😎, list your 'real' name - your first name is fine.

The group's definition of 'ladies' is simply anyone who treats all others with respect, at all times, not just when they feel like it. (E.g. no 'Negative Nellies' please -- this doesn't mean we can't talk about a bad day or something that upset us -- that's just being human!) This is a group where everyone will be warmly welcomed, the ladies will be positive about each other, and support each other as new friends. You may even develop wonderful lasting friendships while being a part of this group -- it has happened!

What this group is not, is a group for anyone who wants to perpetuate female stereotypes of catty women, drama queens (in a negative way -- we know the difference!😁), or women who are out for themselves at the expense of others. Think of this group as the opposite of the 'Mean Girls' movie. 😊 FYI, should any negative people slip in through the side door (it'll happen), they likely won't want to participate for very long if there is a lot of 'positivity' going on, so just keep being happy and positive and they will move along eventually.


1) *Physical distancing and mask rules apply for all events until we get the 'all clear' from the gov. 😷 Unless you're fully vaxxed, for anyone who has been exposed to another person who has been diagnosed with COVID, or who has recently returned from outside of Ottawa and is supposed to be in isolation, or, if you are experiencing ANY signs or symptoms of what appears to be a cold or flu, please do not attend any events and just send a text message the host to advise that you will not be present. Thanking everyone in advance for being diligent with keeping everyone's health front of mind during these times!

2) Limited spots: DO NOT sign up unless you really intend to go. People rely on others to actually show up, and also you're holding a seat someone else could've had.

3) Cancellation policy: aside from illness, should you need to cancel your attendance at any event in this group, please do so with a minimum of 48 hours notice to allow others the time to plan/prepare to attend. If you forget completely (it happens), just message the host directly, otherwise more than 1 'no-show' or late cancellation without reasonable contact with the host may result in not being able to attend future events unfortunately.

4) I don't think this needs to be said but I will say it anyway. This is NOT a group for dating so do not approach anyone in this group for dat.

5) Last but not least, the fine print: you are responsible for yourself when attending these events. This means the organizers are not responsible for any personal losses of items, or issues you may experience regarding your personal health and/or your personal safety, whether you are on your way to events, while you're attending events, nor while you're on your way home from events. PS - drinking above the limit or smoking the ganj then driving, is illegal.

You are also responsible to ensure you are following physical distancing rules and DO TELL people if they are inadvertently getting too close, as we will appreciate it! A friendly reminder to sanitize your hands before and after events as an extra precaution, and until we're told otherwise, always bring a mask to all events.

Thankyou all!


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