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Hi Ladies !
WELCOME to a group of fun loving, eager to meet new friends kinda' group !! If you're looking for lots of laughs, and kind hearted gals, this is your group !! We are mostly located in the North County San Diego !!
We usually try to get together on Wednesdays, for a happy hour, movie, lunch, boating, walking, dinners, etc. pretty much anything for a laugh and excuse to get out of the house ! We try to keep it on a Wednesday so when planning your week it's easier to remember you have "Wednesday's WITH YOUR GIRLS" !!

We require $5.00 per member, for an annual membership fee.

We'll also require each member to attend 1 meeting per month, for the initial first 2 months. Then attend 1 meeting every 6 weeks after that.

However, if the organizer sees a member has a pattern of no show attendances, even after rsvp'ing, the organizer will have the option of removing the member. This is to maintain a level of courtesy for others, so other members are not waiting on no shows, and reservation space is updated accordingly.

We' also require a photo of yourself when joining !! If there is no picture you will not become a member. It's for identification purposes, which is extremely helpful when attending meet up's to identify someone when they arrive at a function.

We do not get political, but we will talk about girl stuff, and men. Those topics alone keeps us talking for hours on end !!

We do not tolerate secrecy, "clicks", nor back stabbing others, or you will be removed. We are courteous and respectful towards one another. This is a very welcoming group of ladies and because of that we share one thing......true friendship !!


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