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Are you a driven entrepreneur or professional and looking for more power and confidence in business, in life or at workplace?

You don't have much free time to attend quality trainings or networking meetups during working hours, after long working days or during weekends?

Then Ladies Lunch & Learn is the right platform for you to combine your lunch with learning and meeting other like minded professional ladies! It will buy you more time in your day-to-day workflow :)

Ladies Lunch & Learn will inspire, encourage and empower you - no matter your background, your nationality, your age or your past/current circumstances - this is the opportunity for you and the time to level up and take charge of your professional life.

Ladies Lunch & Learn is an exclusive platform for female entrepreneurs and professionals, who are willing to learn first class contents on how to prepare for growth and demonstrate exponential power - in life and in business.

We meet once a month in the heart of Zurich City at an exclusive venue (for ca. 1.5 hours) and turn our lunch breaks to learning and leading opportunity (everyone bring its own lunch) and of course fun and leisure conversations. In these meetings you will also meet other successful entrepreneurs and high achievers and share your journies, tribulations, failures, successes and setbacks with each other.

Each meeting content is tailored to the current challenges and preferences of ladies in today's business world. I will pick and present a hot sensitive topic - based on my own or other ladies experiences and true stories for 1 hour.

During each Lunch & Learn, also 1 winners attendee will be granted the opportunity to share her experience and expertise on the topic of the meeting (upon prior request to the meetup organizer, or on volunteer basis during the meeting). Before and after the presentation, you will have some time to network and exchange contacts with other winners to make as much possible out of the lunch time before getting back to work.

During the Lunch & Learn meetings we will also share methods and secrets about:

- designing your career and becoming the leader in your industry

- the revolutionary methods of strategic networking and building relationships

- avoiding the most common mistakes in positioning yourself as a professional

- building a powerful brand and a confident presence around your presence

- feeling comfortable and confident with being in Power or in Leading Positions

- and so much more…

Ladies, no matter if you already have your own business or if you are considering to launch your business, if you are an employee or freelancer, as long as you are committed to exponential growth and powerful presence in life, as long as you are ready to stand out and claim your spot with competence and confidence, then Ladies Lunch & Learn is your ticket to get there.

Don’t let those big figures and zeros scare or intimidate you… With an extra portion of courage and confidence, you will tap on your superpower and become unstoppable. This group is created to create and support authentic winners.

And don't forget to invite other ladies (and gentlemen), whom you know and care for. Let's change as many lives as possible - Together is Better!

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