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Welcome and thank you for considering "Ladies Making a Difference"! This is a private group for ladies only. Our members like to get together for various activities such as meeting at a coffee spot just to chat, having wine at a Happy Hour, or themed parties and potlucks in member’s home. Many of us also enjoy the charitable aspect of our group where we are involved with fundraisers and volunteering with several small local charities.

Please note that we have annual dues of $10.00. This charge is due by the last day of the month that you join. If you are uncertain of the group, you may want to join at the beginning of the month and attend a few events first. We reserve the right to delete memberships that are not paid in this manner. You may pay by cash to any Organizer, PayPal or Zelle. Thank you for understanding that this is a volunteer organization and we try to keep things as simplified as possible.

Although there isn't an age requirement for this group, you will find that most members are in their 40's through 70's.

Event locations: Please be aware that most posted events are located in Henderson and SE/SW Las Vegas, although we also do things downtown and on the west side (Summerlin) occasionally.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Ladies Making a Difference is to ensure that our events bring joy, fun, laughter and great memories to our members. Our activities are as diverse as the ladies in the group and respect is always the order of the day. Our goal is to have fun and relax while building friendships. We strive to maintain a "drama free" group where respect for each other is of utmost importance. Our group is a harmonious one and it will remain so.

Important information you should know when considering "Ladies Making a Difference":

Profile – You MUST provide a picture of yourself in your profile. To ensure the safety of all our members your profile picture must be clear enough that you can be recognized when attending an event.

Check your emails and Meetup messages regularly- a lot of our information comes through the app notifications and this is the best way for you to keep updated. If you find you are not receiving notifications please check your membership settings for this group. Also, once you are a member you can join our Facebook page for additional updates/info.

RSVP’s – are taken very seriously, particularly for house parties! Please RSVP with integrity! Do not RSVP until or unless you are sure you can attend. "No Shows" and frequent cancellations will not be tolerated. Not only is a "no show" rude to to the hostess and/or venue where the event is held, it keeps those on the waiting list from attending an event that they really want to attend. If you have an issue that will keep you from attending an event that you committed to, please change your RSVP at least one day before the event so the hostess has time to contact the next person on the waiting list. If you have an emergency the day of the event, please e-mail or call the hostess to let her know. Be aware, repeated "no shows" or cancellations will result in removal from the group.

Attendance – We require new members attend an event in a public place before being allowed to attend events in a private home. Happy Hours or Monthly Coffees are a great way to introduce yourself to our group.

Solicitation – We are a social group, not an avenue for our members to sell products or services. There are other Meet-up groups out there for business and sales networking. We are all about having fun, socializing, and relaxation. FOR THIS REASON, WE HAVE CHOSEN TO MAKE IT A POLICY TO NOT ALLOW PROMOTING PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES AT ANY OF OUR EVENTS. We will, however, send out from time to time information on "No Host" charity events that some members may be interested in attending on their own.

We encourage our members to be involved. We do not believe that the number of members in a group is as important as how many actually participate. The Organizers of this group will review the membership roster on a quarterly basis and reserve the right to remove members who have not attended an event in 90 days.

A note about guests: while guests will be welcome at most public events, we limit attendance at our home parties to our members only due to limited space.

Ideas – The goal of the Organizers is to provide a great variety of events for members to participate in. We truly appreciate ideas from our members as well as those who volunteer to host an event either in their home or elsewhere. Please give us your ideas regarding events you think would be fun, relaxing and/or provide an opportunity for personal growth for our ladies. It would be especially helpful if you provide detailed information about your ideas.

Organizers reserve the right to revise the above as needed.

Upcoming events (5)

Homeless Mat Project! Flatten, Cut, Tie, Roll into Plarn & Crochet

Public Works Coffee Bar

If you haven't joined us for the Mat Project, check it out!
Fun, rewarding, great way to meet other members and do something that Makes a Difference!

We are doing all aspects of this project at once. Please bring your plastic grocery bags, cutting tools and mats, and crochet hooks.
We really need crocheters and if you know how or would like to learn please bring a 16mm crochet hook!

Public Works Coffee has been working out as a great venue for the Homeless Mat Project. Public Works has wonderful coffee, baked goods, sandwiches and salads. Please consider purchasing something there, as they are very accommodating to us and this project.

****For our newer members, we’ve been collecting plastic grocery bags to make into sleeping mats for the homeless. If you’d care to join in, please start collecting them....

****This is a perfect public event to attend if you are a new member. As a reminder, it is a group rule that all new members must attend a public event before attending one of our many fun parties at members homes. This is for everyone’s security.

All mats completed have been, and will be, donated to Shawna Gonzalez, our friend, member, and founder of Project4Humanity. Many of you have met Shawna during our 5,000 Purses Project and this Homeless Mat Project. Shawna works directly with helping and feed the homeless of Las Vegas.

Here's a video to give you an idea of what we do:

Are you on our Facebook page? Look for Ladies Making a Difference!

Happy Hour Enjoying Bella Vita

Bella Vita

Time to enjoy a local favorite location, join us for a delicious and fun Happy Hour at Bella Vita in the District!

They have a wonderful menu for us to enjoy and their happy hour is delicious!

This is a great opportunity for our new members to get to know us and all the wonderful things we do, along with having fun!

*Important to know:
Please RSVP with integrity as SPACE IS LIMITED....if you need to change your RSVP please do so ASAP!

Volunteer (Cook Dinner) at Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas


Please read entire description before rsvping or asking questions.

After spending a long day at their child's bedside or at doctor's appointments, preparing a meal is one of the last things on people's minds while at the Ronald McDonald House. We will prepare a comforting home-cooked meal for 15-30 people (I will not know until the day before exactly how many) and serve it in their well-equipped kitchen. ALL food must be prepared from scratch in their kitchen, with the exception of already prepared items we purchase from a commercial kitchen. Their kitchen is stocked with non-perishables, spices, salad dressings, and condiments, as well as dessert mixes.

We will collectively decide the menu, but note that they do not want us to make tacos, pizza, or any type of pasta dish as those are their go-to's when there are no volunteers to cook dinner.

IMPORTANT: I will purchase the food the day of, for which you donate $20 per person to me when you rsvp as partial reimbursement. For future opportunties, I'll look into the possibility of donated ingredients as well. When you rsvp, please also send your $20 within 5 days via Zelle/Venmo (personal/friend payment) to[masked], or Paypal (personal/friend payment) to [masked].

My personal connection to RMH stems from my two-night stay at the RMH in NYC two years ago with an 11-year-old family member who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome who had an appointment to see a specialist 6 hours drive from home. It was an exceptionally gratifying experience, and I was very impressed with the volunteers during meals.

Dinner volunteer groups can be no larger than 6 people (usually 10, but Covid-rules are more restrictive), so each person is very important, as this is a large (and rewarding) undertaking. PLEASE rsvp with the utmost integrity, and if you find you cannot attend, your $20 will be refunded only if we can find someone in time to take your place.

RMH is on the left at the end of Pelosi Street, which is just west of Las Vegas Athletic club on Charleston. You must ring the doorbell to be let into the house.

INFO from my RMH Orientation:

(Bring ID and sign in with Ladies Making a Difference -- there is a cupboard in the kitchen for purses, etc.)
4 PM -- Arrive for food prep and cooking (the oven takes 20 minutes to preheat -- do not open until preheated).
6 PM -- With increased restrictions, dinners can no longer be offered buffet style, so we will be making plates of food for the residents.
6-6:45 PM -- We currently cannot eat dinner with the families due to increased restrictions, but are welcome to eat dinner with each other in the kitchen.
6:45 -- Clean up (trash, tables, counters, stove, dishes into dishwasher, but DO NOT start dishwasher).

Notes from RMH
MUST wear masks (your own) and gloves and hairnet (provided) while in the kitchen (baseball cap can substitute for hairnet if ALL hair is tucked inside).
DO NOT attend if you are feeling under the weather/have fever.
DO NOT park in front of RMH or in parking lot next door or at LVAC, park on street in cul-de-sac at end of driveway.
DO NOT wear open-toed shoes.
DO NOT wear spaghetti strap/off the shoulder shirts/dresses or any suggestive or political/religious clothing.
DO NOT ask families personal questions, or share any personal information they may have confided to you.
DO NOT give legal/medical advice to families, including offering or referring services.
DO NOT impose religious or political beliefs on families.
DO NOT post pictures of families on personal social media, but pictures of house/kitchen without family members is fine.

QUESTIONS -- LeeAnne Text Only:[masked]

“Christmas in August” 🎄🎅🏼"RE-Gift”! Please read the details! DESSERTS SET!

Christmas in August Regift Party! UPDATE: ALL SET FOR DESSERTS!

HOUSE PARTIES ARE BACK! We are kicking them off with a fun one, celebrating “Christmas in August”, combined with one of our group's favorite party themes, “The Re-Gift Party “.

You know that gift you received, the one that when you opened it in front of your family or friends, you smiled and said, “Oh my, just what I wanted”! But what you were really thinking was, “What am I going to do with this?!”

It might be a Knick knack, a kitchen item, a piece of jewelry, or something that “Santa” brought to you that you knew that you will never use or wear. This party will give you the chance to unload that gift onto someone else and replace it with something you’d really like that one of the ladies didn’t care for or have a use for. Or, you could end up with something equally as useless and unappealing. One thing is for sure, we will all have lots of laughs in the process!

Be sure to bring your gift in a GIFT BAG. Part of the fun is in the mystery of not knowing what’s inside. DO NOT WRAP the gift, that slows everything down!

If you happen to love all the gifts received last year, you are welcome to bring something you received in previous years but never used.

NOTE: We aren’t looking for junk, or used items. We are looking for things that you may not want but someone else “might” want. The intent for this activity is to exchange a unused gift you don’t want or need.

Food: We are going back to Potlucks! No theme, a well rounded potluck of healthy and not so healthy dishes sounds good. Sign up under what you want to bring and what you plan to bring!
Appetizers (need 3):
Salads (need 3):
Entrees (need 5):
Desserts (need 3):
Juice for Mimosas (2 ladies 2 bottles each, what flavor?).

If you care to drink wine, please bring it with you.


Verna………………………..Sloppy Joes on Hawaiian Rolls
Tam & Evie…………………Shrimp Scampi W/zucchini noodles
Robin S………………………Spring Rolls w/dipping sauce
Ranae…………………………Deviled egg, hummus and dipping veggies.
Judee……………………..….Caprese on a Stick
Natalie………………………. BBQ pork with rolls
Vanessa……………………..Piggies in Blankets
Dixie…………………………..Chicken Wings
Yvonne……………………….Cheese Plate w/olives

Julia…………………………..Watermelon Salad
Karen A………………………Mex blk bean salad
Stephanie…………………..Pasta Salad w/chicken, shrimp or tuna”
Glori…………………………..Chinese Chicken Salad
Charlotte…………………….Green Salad
Vickie………………………….Roasted Veggies

Tam & Evie………………….Mini Cheesecakes
Kim Y…………………………..Dessert (what kind?)
Carol…………………………..Choc Ras Ganache

Chris……………………………Champagne & Juice (what kind of juice?)

Cash Alt: Instead of a dish, a few ladies may contribute $10. This will be allowed for only 5 ladies but hoping no one needs to use this option! All monies collected from the Cash Alternative will be added to our Charity Fund.

Note: This event takes place in a private home. In order to attend events in private homes, it has always been a firm group rule that you MUST first attend an event in a public venue such as one of our monthly coffees or Happy Hours. Please do NOT RSVP yes if you have not done so. This rule is for everyone’s security. If you are not eligible to attend, no worries, we will be doing this again soon. Guests are not allowed for private parties.

Pet Alert: I have a small hypoallergenic dog and kitties for those with allergies.

COVID: It may be hot outside and everyone may be inside. It’s up to each person if they want to wear a mask. It is not required. There’s also NO GUARANTEE that everyone is fully vaccinated. If you are not comfortable with this, please do NOT sign up.

PLEASE RSVP WITH INTEGRITY! Attendance is limited so if you sign up and can’t come you must change your RSVP at least 2 days in advance and please consider that the Pot Luck relies on sign ups!

Can’t wait to get back to doing what we love!!!

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