What we're about

Calling all SF Ladies interested in staying active and being fit through running, jogging and other physical activities around the city!

Are you a runner or are you wanting to become one? Do you need that extra layer of support or accountability from like-minded new friends? Do you want to set goals and have others encourage you to take your fitness to a new level? Take control of your fitness for life, meet new friends, and help each other be strong and healthy!

In addition to participating in runs sponsored by the Leadership Team, you can host your typical runs by posting events of when, where and the pace and how many miles you plan to run!



My Story:

In 2008, I went to the doctor and found, much to my dismay (despite my average looking figure), that my cholesterol levels were too high, and that my body fat was in the high risk range. My sedentary teacher lifestyle and the diet of my culture (I am Cuban) had led me to be unhealthy, and I didn't even know it.

I sat on this knowledge for a few years until something clicked inside my head January 2013. I started running, bought books on changing health and fitness, and am now committed to my fitness.

Since then, I have lost 15 pounds, more than 10% body fat and my cholesterol levels are back to normal. But these are just numbers-- the confidence, motivation and in control feeling I have gained are priceless.

Fitness is a life-long process, a new lifestyle, and I want to share my successes with other women, as well as create a network of support for all of us to reach higher levels of well-being. JOIN ME!

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