• Spread Your Ideas! Create your own Zine!



    At LTUX, we are always encouraging each other to share our work and make a statement. We love to educate others—because we know this is one of the best ways to learn. This June we will kick off the summer with learning how to make our own zine! Zines (pronounced zeens) have a history rooted in the sharing and circulation of ideas and information. Learn how this low-cost activity can feed your creative endeavors on June 20 with Candra K. Gill and Ella Nance. You’ll leave this workshop with your own, custom-made zine! In this workshop, you’ll learn: 1) What a zine is and what it is for 2) How to make one 3) What to put in one Update: Our leader bios! Candra K Gill’s UX career started at the University of Michigan School of Information, where she earned an MSI in Human-Computer Interaction. After graduating, she worked in the agency world until she moved to Atlanta to work for the Home Depot as member of its award-winning app team. She recently (as in this week!) started a position with IHG and teaches Information Architecture for Brandeis University’s Graduate Professional Studies master’s degree program in User-Centered Design. Candra is a co-founder and a steering committee member of the Carl Brandon Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit advocacy group for writers and fans of color in science fiction that took its name from a famous zine-related hoax. She made her first zines in high school and has made them off and on ever since. Janelle “Ella” Nance is a UX/UI Designer at Radio Systems Corporation. Ella has a background in information and report design for healthcare before discovering UX. In 2018, Ella graduated from Center Centre in Chattanooga, TN with a diploma in User Experience Design & Technology. She also holds a B.A. from Iowa State University in Advertising and is certified to teach English to non-native speakers. Ella currently lives in Knoxville, TN. She’s an occasional salsa dancer and roller skater who enjoys reading, writing, movies, and making zines. Ella made her first zine in 2017 titled “Awkwardly Checking My Phone.” —————————————————————————— BE LTUX SAVVY! NOTES AND REMINDERS: -Remember to bring your LTUX Membership Card! If you don't have one yet, please come right at 6:30 to get yours. Yay! -Meetup doesn't give us good tools for refunding and waitlisting. If you sign-up but then find out you can't come, please consider the $5 a donation to a GREAT cause. Remove your RSVP and post in the comments that a spot is open! If you are looking for a spot, please work it out in the comments. Please do not show up if you don't have a spot! Thank you! - Dinner is provided by sponsors and we cannot promise allergen-free fare. If you have allergies/restrictions, please BYO dinner. AGENDA: 6:30pm: Doors open! Grab some food provided by our sponsors and hang out with new and old friends. TONIGHT: Pizza, soft drinks and some boozy drinks, too. 7pm: Let's get started! Hello, sponsor shout-outs, and important announcements from the organizers. Open floor for community announcements: do you need support with a project? Is your company hiring? Let the group know what's up. 7:15ish to 8:30ish: Event! 8:30pm: Clean up, goodbyes, good night!

  • A/B Testing: Go from Zero to Hero(ine)

    Formation Design Group


    Come transform from A/B testing zero to heroine faster than you can say "statistical significance". In this hands on workshop, we'll cover basic A/B test concepts and terminology, look at some (kind of) famous examples, then dive in to use real numbers, real designs, and real websites to uncover what makes a good experiment. There will be stats, and there will be marketing lingo, but at the end you should come out with solid *intuition* about what to measure, what to test, and when to throw numbers away and trust your gut. About our Instructors: Brian Hall has been working in Conversion Rate Optimization and website experimentation for five years. Meaning, he's got exactly zero original designs under his belt, but he's hacked, tweaked, and occasionally broken hundreds of existing site designs, all in the name of MOAR clicks. In his spare time he enjoys writing code with his wife 🤓 and agreeing with strangers on the street that yes, his dog is soooo cute. Laurel Street LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurelstreet/ Laurel has worked in digital marketing for three years, with clients ranging from nonprofits and startups to large businesses. When she's not analyzing data, she enjoys traveling, long distance running and blogging. NOTE! We will be handing out the new LTUX membership cards! Please look back at your attendance and come with an HONEST number of LTUX meetups you've attended. If this is your first meetup with us—Welcome!!! AGENDA: Doors open at 6:30 — come get pizza or some other dinner grub sponsored by TEK Systems! Meetup starts at 6:50 with announcements. Announcements will be open to the whole group, so feel free to speak up! Workshop from 7ish to 8:30ish!

  • Lightning Talks

    OxBlue Corporation


    Join us this month for lightning talks! We have 4 speakers excited to share their thoughts on everything from writing UX articles to UX Security. Also we’re excited to have a special guest host Havana Nguyen. Havana is a long-time patron of LTUX and will be our MC for the night! 6:30-7 shmooze and food 7-7:15 announcements 7:15-8:30 meetup! Speakers: HAVANA Nguyen - A Busy Bee’s Guide to Writing Articles for Medium Havana Nguyen is a User Experience Designer at Honeywell Aerospace with a specialty in Interaction Design. She is a writer for UX Design Collective and UX Planet, has a Youtube series on career, and does illustration and comics as well. In her previous life, she ran a graphic design business and then worked as a consultant at a software company. Find her art and work at http://www.havananguyen.com. ____________________ JESSICA Ivins - How to Tell Compelling Stories During a UX Job Interview As humans, we’re drawn to stories. We captivate each other through stories. Stories usually persuade us more than facts and data alone. When interviewing for a job, you can make yourself shine by telling stories about your best design work. Hiring managers love hearing stories during an interview. Stories hold their interest and provide evidence of the work you can do. Anyone can tell a hiring manager, “I can do usability testing.” Sharing a story about how you did usability testing provides proof that you can actually do it. In this presentation, Jessica Ivins will discuss the art of storytelling during a job interview. She’ll leave you with tips and resources to help you hone this skill for your next job search. Jessica is a user experience (UX) designer and faculty member at Center Centre, the UX design school in Chattanooga, TN, where she prepares students to be industry-ready designers. She publishes UX articles on her blog and on Medium, and she speaks at conferences and local events about design. ANNICK Huber - Affordances Annick Huber is a UX/UI Designer at Brightwell in Atlanta, where she’s solely responsible for the design of the product “Brightwell Navigator”. After working in animation and game development for a few years, she pursued a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction at GA Tech, and has been focusing on UX for 4 years. Her favorite part of the design process is prototype creation and user testing.

  • Atlanta Beltline Bus Tour

    Kroger Marketplace


    We are filling up the Beltline Bus for a 3-hour tour of our city. This fascinating tour will take us through 40+ neighborhoods as we trace the development of this transformative project. After the tour, we will walk to a nearby restaurant (TBD) for lunch and discussion. We'll come up with ideas on how to tackle some of the Beltline's biggest challenges, passing on our ideas to leaders within the organization. Here's some deets from the BL coordinators: "We look forward to introducing you to the Atlanta BeltLine very soon! Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Atlanta BeltLine Bus Tour experience: - This is a narrated bus tour of the Atlanta BeltLine. Please wear comfortable clothing for sitting on the bus. - Tours depart from the Glenwood Kroger promptly at 9:30 a.m. and returns by 12:30. - The Glenwood Kroger is located at 890 Glenwood Ave., 30316. The bus pickup location is in the Kroger parking lot off . The bus arrives at 9:00am and pulls in near the gas station. Our bus is blue and green you won't miss it! Please Plan to Check in by 9:15am. There is ample parking for tour-goers in the lot but please consider walking, riding your bike if you can. - You are welcome to bring your own snack. Bottled water and a light snack is provided. - Lunch is not included on the tour. The tour makes a stop in the West End neighborhood for a short restroom break. This bus will stop at the Kroger at 590 Cascade Ave." We have EXACTLY 28 spots, so please sign up NOW if you want to come!

  • Usability Testing Workshop

    Dragon Army


    An anthropologist, psychologist, and a sociologist walk into a bar… Three of your own Ladies that UX bring you LTUX: Research Edition. We will discuss the best practices and applications of social science for research within UX. Focusing on moderated usability studies, this workshop will prepare you to write a stunning moderator guide and illicit relevant feedback from your users during sessions. Babz Jewell serves as a UX Research Lead with Verizon Connect in Atlanta. She is a sociologist and educator by training; a Fulbright Scholar, banjo player, and chicken wrangler by experience. Nicole Gerhard currently serves as the UX Researcher at ShootProof in Atlanta. She enjoys advocating for users and teaching others about user research. When not working, Nicole loves to travel, cross stitch, and play with her dog. As a User Researcher with Delta Air Lines, Christina Colman brings user-centered insights to her product team by day and rocks trivia at night. She is a classically trained anthropologist who also enjoys video games and getting lost in the woods. AGENDA 6:30 - meet and greet! 6:50 - community announcements, shoutouts, intros 7-8:30ish - Workshop

  • New Years, New Cheers!

    Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall


    Let's kick off the year with an informal happy hour with a theme of all things new. We'll focus on meeting NEW people and learning a few NEW things. Please bring: three recommendations of NEW awesome things you discovered in 2018 that you think everyone should know about: a book, a blog, a product, a service, etc. (You don't have to ACTUALLY bring the thing, just have it in your head!) We'll have a fun way to share these recommendations and connect over newfound common interests. Cheers! Sophia and Carolyn We'll get some finger food but drinks will be on your own separate tabs.

  • Brunch at Cafe Sunflower! A Cherished LTUX Tradition

    Cafe Sunflower Buckhead


    Let's get together for a delicious gourmet brunch. We'll talk about career, design, life, and goals...but mostly about how good the vegan chicken and waffle are. Yes, this brunch will be vegan, but you WILL NOT leave hungry. And if you are wary about vegan food, you will leave inspired and enlightened. :) On the menu: Kale Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette, Tofu Scramble, Fresh Fruit, Waffles, and Sesame Soy Chicken. And mimosas. Of course. (The meetup charge covers your food and bevs!)

  • Halloween Meetup! Robots and Love Black Mirror Party



    WARNING: if you have recently experienced the death of someone close to you, please carefully consider this meetup. Spoiler: this episode is about a woman replacing her partner with an android. Black Mirror is an horrifying show about technology, our future, ethics, and humanity. We will be watching Be Right Back (from season 2) and exploring the concept of a not-too-distant future where human and robots live alongside each other, work together, and love each other. After the viewing, LTUX organizers will lead small-group discussions about the concepts and ideas that this amazing piece of storytelling reveals. How likely or inevitable is this future scenario? How different are our "biological algorithms" from synthetic algorithms? What would you do in Martha's shoes? This episode has harsh language, a little (pg-13) sex, and death. So, please be aware!! IMPORTANT! Please also read Love in the Time of Robots. It's about a half hour read. This article will help bring context and knowledge on the current state of android development and will help inform the discussion! https://www.wired.com/2017/10/hiroshi-ishiguro-when-robots-act-just-like-humans/ 6:30-7:00 PM: Setup & Networking 7:00-7:45 PM: Viewing 7:45-8:30 PM Discussion

  • Behind the Scenes Tour: The Center for Puppetry Arts

    Center for Puppetry Arts


    Join us for a private, behind the scenes tour of the Center for Puppetry Arts! For this month’s Meetup we will be doing something a little different by touring one of Atlanta’s hidden gems. We will learn about the art and history of puppetry in the world’s largest puppetry museum. Information: http://www.puppet.org/ Please arrive at 2:30 as the tour will begin at 3pm.

  • Speed Friending

    Helium, LLC


    This month we're going to take some time to focus on getting to know each other a little bit more. The format is like speed dating but with none of the pressure! All you have to do is having fun learning something new about each of your fellow Ladies that UXers. We'll separate into two groups - one seated and one rotating - talking to each other for 5-minute increments. When the buzzer rings, you'll move on to the next LTUX friend. Easy! We'll be hosted by the awesome folks at Helium in Sandy Springs and, as always, we'll have refreshments. BYOB is also allowed. Can't wait to see you there!