• Riding the synthesis wave: how to avoid drowning in your qualitative data

    Ever finished an amazing UX Research study, only to find yourself drowning in interview recordings and incomprehensible notes? When analyzing qualitative research, it can be tempting to take shortcuts as the process can be time consuming and difficult. However, the rigor of your analysis can make or break the impact of your results and recommendations. Join Margot Lieblich, UX Researcher at HubSpot, as she dives into the common analysis pitfalls within UX research and proposes new techniques to improve your synthesis process. Learn how to mitigate the influence of your own bias and transform surface level patterns into nuanced, meaningful insights to level up your research findings. -- OUR SPONSOR Thank you to our sponsor, HubSpot, for hosting this event. -- Please read our Code of Conduct and Photography Policy before attending the event (http://bit.ly/ltuxbos-code-of-conduct).