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The focus of ‘Ladies Who Adore Vintage’ is to explore the most interesting “vintage” venues in greater LA— offering both education as well as socialization. A great opportunity to make like-minded friends who have a true love and appreciation for “vintage”. Venues are thoroughly researched and fully described with historical facts. Vintage photos when available are always included of these iconic venues. If you adore vintage you will thoroughly enjoy all the ‘vintage’ events this Meetup group offers! Ladies Who Adore Vintage is best described as a unique “specialty” Meetup Group.

“Vintage Dollz” have a true appreciation for all-things-vintage! This includes: historical architecture, historical restaurants and bar venues, High Tea, classic films at historical theatres, classic car shows, vintage shopping for clothing, accessories, vintage collectibles and decor (flea markets). Other vintage-inspired events include historical tours and vintage dance & music venues. We periodically have monthly event series, such as: exploring vintage diners, delis, Tiki bars, iconic dive-bars and other specific theme events.

Please feel free to drop us a message if you have any vintage-inspired event suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Make new friends and become part of our fun-spirited community of “Vintage Dollz” who adore vintage!

Welcome to the group!


  • If you RSVP and then don’t cancel more than 24-hours before at 3 events, we’ll have to show you out of the group for 3-months.
  • If you fail to make your payment on designated fee events within 24-hours or as stated we will remove you from the event. Three failures to pay and we will remove you from the group for 6-months.
  • If you RSVP and we never see you that’s a NO SHOW even if you were there and did your own thing. 2 no-shows and we will remove you from the group for one year.

No-shows and Last-minute cancellations put our ability to book terrific venues at risk! Your event organizers and fellow members will appreciate your courtesy especially when there's a wait list and they hope to join!

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Upcoming events (4)

Elevated Dining: Brunch at the Spectacular Perch DTLA

Perch LA - French Bistro

2-Part event
Part 1: Brunch at Perch
Part 2 (optional): Classic Film “Auntie Mame” at the Historic Million Dollar Theatre (7 min. walk). Please see separate event post.

Brunch menu

Join us for a lovely summer afternoon at two spectacular venues- the historic Pershing Square Building Rooftop followed by the historic Million Dollar Theatre.

$5 RSVP PayPal, Venmo or Zelle (NOT if waitlisted) to reserve your spot. NOTE: Fee is NOT refundable & NOT eligible for re-sale. If you need to cancel immediately update to “not going”.

Payment contact provided upon RSVP made within 24-hrs or immediate removal. This gives everyone a fair opportunity to join the event.


Note: There are no “drop-ins” at any events especially dining events with reservations. You must have a CONFIRMED RSVP and have paid your commitment deposit. Many of the venues we attend are elite restaurants and/or trendy L.A. hotspots. They often have a required pre-fix menu with larger reservations or simply don’t take big parties unless it’s a “buyout”. To get around this we often place reservations under more than one name.

Located on the rooftop of Downtown L.A.'s Pershing Square Building, Perch is an idyllic
glamorous rooftop French-bistro-inspired bi-level bar and lounge with stunning views of the L.A. skyline. The bar selection also trends French, with Parisian cocktails, more than a dozen wines by the glass, and a selection of Armagnac and French cordials.

Perch is DTLA’s most popular rooftop restaurant & bar offering live entertainment on weekend evenings attracting a young lively crowd. It gets super packed and noisy!! For dining and conversation I personally find brunch far more enjoyable while at the Perch.

Built in 1924 by architects Claud Beelman and Aleck Curlett in the Italian Renaissance Revival style that features classic design elemento, symmetry, arches, and ornamental stone brackets. Today, the Pershing Square Building is a 16 Story High-rise that is the home of Perch Rooftop Bar & Restaurant on top of the 13th floor and Mrs. Fish Japanese Restaurant, 3 levels below the Ground floor. The middle floors of the building are newly renovated, modern Creative Office Spaces for an innovative work experience in the heart of thriving DTLA!

PARKING: Pershing Square $9. One of the cheapest DTLA weekend flat rate garages.
530 S. Olive St DTLA
Check parking apps for other parking structures closer to the Theatre.

🔺 No drop-ins. RSVP Meetup members only
🔺 3 under 24-hr cancellations/3-months out
🔺 3 failures to pay (fee events)/6-months out
🔺 2 no-shows/1-year out
🔺 Excessive cancellations perm. removed

Classic Film: Auntie Mame at the Historic Million Dollar Theatre DTLA

Million Dollar Theater

2-part event: Brunch at Perch Rooftop (optional) will precede the film. Please see separate post.

This is a RARE opportunity to see and experience the grandeur & opulence of the Million Dollar Theatre. The historic theatre's along the Broadway corridor are ONLY open to the public during special engagements like this one.

There’s nothing like seeing a classic film the way it was intended to be seen— on the large screen in an opulent historic theatre. I look forward to “Last Remaining Seats” every summer! I have selected an equally fabulous setting for our brunch at the stunning Perch Rooftop in the historic Pershing Building.

The L.A. Conservancy launched Last Remaining Seats in 1987 to draw attention to the spectacular yet overlooked and underused historic theatres of L.A. The film series has since become a can't-miss beloved Summer tradition.

In addition to L.A. Conservatory members many other historical society members attend Last Remaining Seats. You usually know who they are because they often wear vintage. If you have anything vintage this is your opportunity to wear it if you care too.

Meet-up: Between 1:00 - 1:15 PM in front of the Box Office. Tickets do NOT have assigned seats.

Film Starts: 2:00 PM

Ticket Information:
$18 Members/$22 General public

On-site ticket sales:
Tickets are available for purchase on-site two hours before the screening begins if not sold out. Member disc not available on-site. I strongly recommend you purchase your seat in advance. You will also avoid the long lines.


There are no printed tickets for this event. Tickets will be sent by email ten (10) days before each screening. If you do not receive your tickets, please email [masked]



Auntie Mame Trailer:

31th Academy Awards (1959)
Best Picture; Best Leading Actress. Rosalind Russell; Best Supporting Actress. Peggy Cass; Best Film Editing. William H. Ziegler; Best Cinematography, Color.

'Auntie Mame' is a comedy movie made in 1958, directed by Morton DaCosta and starring Rosalind Russell in the title role. The movie was based on the 1955 novel by Patrick Dennis and the subsequent Broadway play in which Russell also starred and which Morton DaCosta directed. The play ran for over 600 performances at the Broadhurst Theater between 1956 and 1958.

Screening hosted by Ross Melnick, Professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Guests include Emily Carman, Associate Professor, Chapman University, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Kristen Hatch, Associate Professor, UC Irvine, Film & Media Studies, and Lucas Hilderbrand, Professor, UC Irvine, Film & Media Studies.

A free Q&A session about the historic Million Dollar Theatre will follow the screening. Stay in your seat to learn more about its history and architecture!

About the Film
Based on a hit novel and play of the same name, this believed comedy makes a long-requested return to Last Remaining Seats! In her most famous performance, Rosalind Russell plays the flamboyant title character of the eccentric and free-spirited New York society woman Mame Dennis. Mame’s carefree existence gets a special addition when she becomes the sole caretaker of her orphaned child nephew Patrick (Jan Handzlik). Mame opens doors for Patrick that he never even dreamed existed, and together they go on many marvelous adventures: a thrilling fox hunt, a hilariously disastrous stage debut, a voyage around the world!

For Mame, anything is possible: after all, “life is a banquet!” Joining them are a colorful cohort of characters: A fabulous British actress from Pittsburg Vera Charles (Coral Browne), an educator and professional Yogi Acacias Page (Henry Brandon), the frumpy secretary Agnes Gooch (Peggy Cass), and many more. But when the stock market crash of 1929 hits and her nephew's cruel trustee Mr. Babcock (Fred Clark) threatens to take him away, Mame must use all her courage and wit to survive. The film shows Patrick and his aunt over the course of about 20 years through a series of episodes as Mame teaches her nephew to "Live, live, live". She survives losing her money in the Depression, finds a wealthy husband, and never loses her zest for life.

The Million Dollar Theatre is one of the first movie palaces built in the United States. It opened in 1917 with the premiere of William S. Hart's The Silent Man. It's the northernmost of the collection of historical movie palaces in the Broadway Theater District and stands directly across from the landmark Bradbury Building.


PARKING: Pershing Square $9. One of the cheapest DTLA weekend flat rate garages.
530 S. Olive St DTLA

28th Annual Glendale Cruise Night ~ Live Music & Cocktail Crawl

The Carousel Restaurant (Authentic Middle Eastern)

2022 Cruise Night Promo

Just a friendly reminder.... there are NO “drop-ins” at any events. You must have a CONFIRMED RSVP to join. Seating capacity is limited at the restaurants & bars we visit.

Please check back the Event Page by July 1st for more details on entertainment lineup and other updates.

Please be courteous and don’t take up a spot preventing others from joining if you can not commit. Please keep your RSVP current. If you have to cancel please kindly update your RSVP immediately to “not going”. Please provide a minimum 24-hour notice if cancelling. Thank you!

The event is limited to a total of 16 spots (cross-posted) since we are doing a Cocktail Crawl and all restaurants & bars will be at FULL CAPACITY. Brand Blvd is lined with restaurants and fabulous bars. One of our stops is legendary Damon’s since 1937. We will divide into two groups of 8 or smaller when we meet-up in front of Carousel Restaurant between 6:15 - 6:30 PM.

After checking out the classic cars we will start our Cocktail Crawl (3 to 5 venues depending on capacity) at approximately 8:00 PM-ish. The Cocktail Crawl itinerary will be provided in person to those with a confirmed RSVP.

Glendale Cruise Night is sooo much fun! If you love classic cars you won’t want to miss this. Most of the car owners are men who take great pride in their classic car(s) and love showing it off and talking about it to those that show interest. For you single ladies this is a great event to meet a guy! The street is lined with cars and men including all the bars and restaurants! Lol!

Glendale's longest running and coolest event comes to the Jewel City bringing together some of the finest looking vintage and unique automobiles in sunny Southern California.

Nestled in the heart of Glendale, Brand Blvd. will be lined with approximately[masked] pre -1985 classic cars & modified imports and exotic cars, and over 45,000 in attendance admiring them, listening to live music, watching the firework spectacular and enjoying the festivities. NEW this year! Modified Import and Exotic cars will be accepted!

Come join us for a super fun summer event!!

🔺 No drop-ins. RSVP Meetup members only
🔺 3 under 24-hr cancellations/3-months out
🔺 3 failures to pay (fee events)/6-months out
🔺 2 no-shows/1-year out
🔺 Excessive cancelations perm. removed

Super Fun Day Trip Adventure to Fabulous Palm Springs


Rescheduled: New date Oct 21, 2023

RSVP’s open: SEP 1st



EVENT DISCLAIMER: $212 has been calculated based on a 12-pax van. The event will be recalculated if an 8-pax SUV is leased instead.


“Come Tiki With Me” Series will feature Tonga Hut in Palm Springs in the afternoon (optional) and The Reef at the Historic Caliente Tropics Motel in the evening before our return. Agua Caliente Casino is just a short walk from The Reef for those who prefer to visit the casino.


Gas has been calculated round-trip at $200. We are using our van for the docent-led 2.5 hour tour. If we are under $200 you will be refunded the difference split equally upon our return. Gas prices are at a record high! We will be running the air conditioning the entire time!



Buckle-up for an amazing “in-flight” experience during our dinner drag show!

Live music by Nouveau with Desera & Eddie.

PS Air Bar is the hottest new bar in PS!



🌴A Waiver of Liability for any falls/injuries.

🌴You must show proof of fully vaxxed.

🌴You must be in relatively good health and willing to stand and/or walk for long periods of time without any restrictions. You must be able to keep up with the group.

🌴Everyone must be cordial to each other & wait-staff. NO drama or disruptive behavior.

🌴You must be flexible. The itinerary may be altered if necessary and there may be large crowds at stops.

WELCOME TO GORGEOUS PALM SPRINGS A DESERT OASIS: General overview includes footage of several sites we will see along the way.


$212 PayPal, Venmo or Zelle (NOT If waitlisted). NON-refundable. If you need to cancel please post in comments your RSVP is available. YOU will be responsible to collect the fee from the waitlist.

Payment contact provided upon RSVP made within 48-hrs or subject to removal. If you need to make a split payment please DM me.

Note: I must prepay for our City/Celebrity Home Tour ($40 pp inc tip) & Dinner show ($60 inc tax/tip in person) to secure our reservation.

TWO MEET UP LOCATIONS: Burbank Empire Center & Arcadia (TBD). After payment you will be contacted individually and asked to provide your cell# and which meetup stop you would like to join from.


Two seats on the van will remain open for a more comfortable ride. We will do a seating row rotation at each stop. A step stool will be provided.

DAY TRIP FEE INCLUDES: Starbucks coffee, orange juice, plenty of water, muffins and party snacks. Party game on the ride with prizes!

Fee includes shared van rental cost with chauffeur, insurance & gas divided by 12.


🌴2-HR PS PRIVATE DOCENT-LED TOUR BY VAN which includes a brief history of PS & celebrity tour of homes (exterior only). Includes: Leonardo DiCaprio, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Kirk Douglas, Dean Martin, and many more.


Dinner includes: Complimentary glass of bubbly, appetizers & small bites, choice of beef, chicken or vegetarian meal with a side salad, roll & dessert served on an airline tray.

🌴Free time to shop & explore.


❌ Lunch at either Lulu’s, Sammy G’s or Tropicale. (TBD)

❌Drinks at Tonga Hut Tiki Bar (optional) & The Reef Tiki Bar at the Historic Caliente Tropics Motel.


Welcome aboard PS Air! The most unique bar & dining experience to “land” in PS. When Tom Beatty and Dennis Costa opened their Bouschet marketplace/bistro/wine-tasting venue in PS a year ago, their underlying goal was to create a speakeasy lounge space like no other. Beatty, a flight attendant for 34 years, and his colleague Jim Deeley, had the idea for a 737-themed bar. The three men went to an airplane junkyard in the Mojave Desert, where they bought eight first-class and 27 coach seats, a pair of crew jump seats, and airplane sidewalls.

Bartenders are dressed as stylish pilots and servers as flight attendants use a 1975 beverage cart from Continental. “Safety cards” will not tell you how to exit in an emergency, but rather what you can order: handcrafted cocktails such as the Mile High Club, Jet Lag, and Black Box.

On Saturday nights, passengers can enjoy an in-flight dining experience with a drag “Hostess from Hell,” complete with a hot meal.


Overview of Celebrity Homes: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WKFdAyKwXIw