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What we’re about

Are you a lady? Do you code? Are you searching for a similar bunch of ladies to drink wine and discuss code with?

You’ve come to the right place. We meet monthly to hear talks from leaders in our field and hack whilst developing our code-fu in the process.

We use the following pillars of focus to make this user group insightful and engaging for you:

Professional development

This pillar covers deep focus on a variety topics to learn and discuss latest technology trends. These talks vary from specific platform focused sessions to more broad topics on best practices and guidelines. The format also varies from formal conference style to casual discussions and hands on katas.

Personal Development

From time to time the events will have inspirational talks and coaching sessions. This pillar focuses on building softer skills ranging from confidence building to leadership training.

Social engagement

This pillar is dedicated to social responsibility. As a community we are trying to collaborate with other local communities, charities and user groups, to help them achieve their goals.

So please join us if this sounds good to you. 

Also reach out if you are looking to sponsor, speak or are a similar community who we can collaborate/help in any way.