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Do you code? Do you work with people who code? Are you searching for a similar bunch of people to discuss code and tech with?

You’ve come to the right place! We meet regularly to hear talks about experiences, share lessons learnt and, of course, develop our code-fu in the process.

Everyone is welcome at our events though they are focused toward non-binary and women folk. We abide by our code of conduct (above) to maintain a friendly and inclusive environment. No recruiters please.

What if I don’t code?

Our topics range from product management, to data science to full stack development and all the things in between. We also want to help get you contributing to open source, blogging and speaking!

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Get On With It! Bring Your Own Project with optional social chat

(Please review your email settings or you won't receive the zoom link on the day.) For many of us, the COVID situation means life's still not back to normal. Whatever your intentions were during lockdown, if you now find yourself with a pile of unfinished or un-started projects that you want to get through, look no further. We've been running these free events on Zoom and Slack at least once a week since the beginning of April 2020. Members have fed back that they get a much-needed productivity boost because, in coming to the session, they make sure they dedicate time to their projects. Read more here: https://suze.dev/blog/get-on-with-it/. If there's stuff you want to get started, finished or make progress on, but are struggling for motivation, join us! We'll get together to share what we're doing, cheer each other on and generally support each other to kick-start some momentum. Here are some examples of what people have worked on in the previous session: Learning about JUnit and Mockito Organising revision notes Writing a tool to load data from Google Docs into an app Sewing a memory lion Creating an Alexa game Working towards Microsoft certification Database project on iOS Practising JavaScript algorithms on LeetCode The structure of the session will be as follows: *** Optional: 3.30pm: Social chat (not work chat 😜). If you want to give the social a miss, join the call at 4pm. *** 4.00pm: On Zoom: Welcome from Ladies of Code. 4.05pm: Tell us what you want to work on today. Type it in the chat or switch on your video camera and talk about it :) 4.15pm: Get working! Check in/get support on our dedicated Slack channel and/or collaborate in one of our video breakout rooms. 5.00pm: Tea break. 5.15pm: Check back in on Zoom for show and tells/progress demos. 5.30pm: Go back to working on your projects. Check in/get support on our dedicated Slack channel and/or collaborate in one of our video breakout rooms. 6.40pm: Check in on Zoom, show and tell/watch and listen! 7.00pm: Thanks, goodnight and keep up the good work! We will e-mail the Zoom link for this webinar to all attendees at 3.10pm on the day. Make sure you have e-mails switched on for this group otherwise you won't receive the link. To check your settings, follow the instructions here: https://help.meetup.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002879591-Editing-my-email-settings .

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