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Interested in how decisions around digital product development are made and wondering if you've got the skills to do it?

Currently a software engineer and want to move to the product management side?

Enjoy coding apps but don't want to make a career out of it?

Doing project management and wondering how you can pivot to product management?

Then join us for the fifth episode in our Get Into... series.

Ladies Of Code co-organiser Suze Shardlow will be doing a chat-show style interview with Melanie McKay, Head of Consumer Product at Rightmove, to demystify product management and find out how to enter the field.

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6.20pm: Doors open. Get online, get a drink, get comfy!
6.30pm: Intro and welcome
6.40pm: Interview with Melanie McKay
7.30pm: Close

If you have a question you would like Suze to ask Melanie, submit it in one of the following ways:

+ Type it into your RSVP for this meetup, or
+ Submit it via the chat function during the event.

Please note that we will ask as many questions as time allows. If we receive several similar questions, we may not use your exact words. Therefore there is no guarantee your question will be asked.

We will e-mail the Zoom link for this webinar to all attendees at 6.20pm on the day. Make sure you have e-mails switched on for this group otherwise you won't receive the link. To check your settings, follow the instructions here: .


Interested in talking about how you got your job? Get in touch via Meetup or Slack! If you're not sure if you could give a talk online, we will help you :)