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Got some opinions, questions or ideas you want to discuss about Engineering Management?

Want to find out what other people think about things you've experienced or heard about?

Then join us for our first-ever lean coffee session!

Lean Coffee is, in the words of its founders (, "a structured, but agendaless meeting. Participants gather, build an agenda and begin talking. Conversations are directed and productive because the agenda for the meeting was democratically generated."

Following on from our latest Get Into… session, our first Lean Coffee event will focus on Engineering Management.

*** Important: This session is only an hour long, so everyone needs to be set up with the tools beforehand. Therefore, to take part, you will need to be a member of our Slack workspace ( BEFORE we start the call. If you haven't already joined our Slack, e-mail us at [masked] when you sign up for this event and we will send you an invitation. ***


10.50am: Doors open. Get online, get your drink of choice, get comfy!
11.00am: Intro and explanation of how it works
11.10am: Idea generation and voting
11.15am: Lean coffee discussion
11.50am: Finish, feedback, heads-up on future events
12:00pm: Close

How our session will work:

1) We take a few minutes to jot down ideas about Engineering Management that we want to discuss.

2) We vote for the ideas that interest us most.

3) We place the items on a kanban board, in descending order of votes.

4) We all start discussing the top-voted item as a group!

5) After six minutes (a "round"), we then vote on whether we want to continue discussing this item or move onto the next one.

Rinse and repeat step 5 until the meetup is over!

There will be no time to get bored!

We will e-mail the Zoom link for this webinar to all attendees at 10.50am on the day. Make sure you have e-mails switched on for this group otherwise you won't receive the link. To check your settings, follow the instructions here: .