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World Interaction Design Day (Joint event with Adobe)
World Interaction Design Day is coming up again, a day on which many events are organised worldwide to celebrate interaction design’s ability to improve the human condition. It’s presented and facilitated by Adobe and IxDA and we are happy to announce that Ladies that UX Amsterdam will be hosting an event as well! The theme this year is Diversity and Inclusion in Design. We will have a total of four speakers who are all very familiar with this topic! --------------- TALKS* UNDERSTANDING CULTURAL DIFFERENCES AND THEIR IMPACT ON DESIGN - Bindu Upadhyay & Anna Hornberger In the current times, while working with an international audience, we have a lot to think about and act upon. How do we get past the stereotypes and embrace the rich diversity around us? Let’s try to embrace cultural differences to become inclusive designers and humans. DESIGNING FOR PEOPLE WHO COMMUNICATE IN DIFFERENT WAYS - 4 THINGS I DISCOVERED - Saudamini Tambay Designing apps for users who are Deaf or cannot rely on natural speech has its set of idiosyncrasies and challenges. Saudamini will bring some of these to light by sharing her journey. *One more talk to be announced! --------------- SPEAKERS Bindu is an engineer turned UX designer who moved to the Netherlands from India. Leveraging the knowledge of multicultural and multidisciplinary teams at TU/e and WEAREREASONABLEPEOPLE has led to successful collaborations. This sparked her interest to further explore the topic of cultural differences. Anna is a UX and service designer from Germany with a background in industrial design. Living in different countries and working on projects for internationally operating clients raised her awareness of cultural differences and the need to take them into consideration when designing. Eva Westerhoff runs her own meetup group on Inclusive Design & Accessibility. She is a disability rights advocate, accessibility consultant and trainer, who happens to be deaf. Her mission is to make information, communication and technology accessible for everyone. Saudamini Tambay is a UX Designer who’s been working with deaf and non-verbal users to design products that solve their communication needs. At present she works at AssistiveWare where she designs symbol based communication apps for people with severe speech disabilities. -------- SCHEDULE 18:30 Welcome with snacks & drinks 19:00 - 19:20 Introduction 19:20 - 19.50 Saudamini Tambay 19.50 - 20.20 Eva Westerhoff 20.20 - 20.30 Break 20.30 - 21.15 Bindu Upadhyay & Anna Hornberger 21:15 - 22:00 Networking & drinks -------- Ladies that UX Amsterdam is a welcoming community that aims to promote female talent and increase female visibility. Our community is inclusive to all background, gender, age, race, and expertise. -------- SPONSOR Adobe and IxDA | HOST Label A | Develops user friendly digital products and ecosystems, based on a strong and clear concept with measurable targets. ----------- PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY CONSENT We take photos and videos during the event for recap blog posts, social media and promotional materials. By coming to the meetup, you give consent to take photos and videos of you. If you do not want to give your consent, please let us know at check-in or change your RSVP to 'Not Going'. ENGAGE WITH OUR COMMUNITY — Joint Slack group with LTUX Utrecht (~300 members)

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    Ladies that UX Amsterdam is a welcoming and inclusive community that aims to promote female talent and increase female visibility. Our community is inclusive to all background, gender, age, race, and expertise.

    Our goal is to create a space for women in UX and tech scene of all levels to engage and talk about their experiences, both positive and negative, and get the support and inspiration that they are looking for.

    We run different get-togethers: sometimes with a speaker or a theme, sometimes we will just eat, drink, and see where the conversation goes. The one thing we can guarantee is that you won’t feel pressured to present.

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    -User First: Amazon Case Study & Value-driven User Research (2017/05)

    -IndUXtry Talks—Agency v.s. Consultancy (2017/02)

    -Adobe XD interactive workshop on design & prototyping (2016/09)


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    Yes, our community is inclusive and we welcome all genders.

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    Yes, our meetups are inclusive and we welcome people from all backgrounds or expertise.

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    We welcome presentation or workshop proposals. Please reach out at or via Meetup. As our concept is to promote female talent, we accept proposals from women only.

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