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World Usability Day 2018: Design for Good or Evil - Ethics in Design

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World Usability Day 2018: Design for Good or Evil - Ethics in Design


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We've united with Amsterdam UX for celebrating World Usability Day 2018.
What makes design good or bad? How can we design products and services that are not only user-friendly and useful but also cater to human values? How can we make choices supporting ethical standards that mitigate unintended consequences or misuse of our products and services?
We have invited four speakers that have been working on answering these questions. We have asked them to share their application of ethical considerations and human values in their practice.

#Thinking in Dilemmas by Deger Ozkaramanli
Deger will make the case for the need to structurally examine the dilemmas evoked by the things we design (and how we design them) as a means to critically reflect on the emotional, social, and ethical implications of our design practices.

# Designing Augmented Reality Experiences: Privacy & Data by Anne Marleen Olthof
The output of the futural world such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality is behavioural data, biometric data, genetic data and up to this point we hardly know the intended outcome for us personally and for society as a whole. Anne's talk is about the intersection of VR/AR/MR and Privacy by Design and issues it might raise.

# “Oops!" a.k.a Risk Analysis for user interfaces by Beant Dhillon
Years ago, Hannah Arendt talked about the banality of evil and of havoc wrecked by those who were just following orders. And given the growing influence of technology in our lives, companies and we in the UX world need to think beyond 'orders' and 'assignments' and look at the impact of the things we design for our users.

#Daily Ethical Design by Lennart Overkamp


Deger Ozkaramanli ( is an assistant professor in human-centered design at the University of Twente. Deger is fascinated by the richness of dilemmas people experience in daily life. That’s why as a designer and researcher, she pursues Dilemma-driven Design in her work (

Anne Marleen Olthof ( works at the Faculty for Digital Media and Creative Industries, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. Besides her expertise in VR, Anne Marleen lectures in ‘Design History’ at the School for Communication and Multimedia Design and ‘Design for Mobile Experiences’ at the School for Information and Communications Technology.

Beant Dhillon ( is a Sr. Usability and User Research Consultant with over 8 years of international work experience and she loves working with complex devices and interfaces in order to help create simplicity. She is an artist ( and an avid sci-fi& fantasy novel reader. She believes that we live in interesting times where stories are coming true.

18:30 - 19:00 Doors open: dinner & drinks
19:00 - 19:20 Welcome
19:20 - 19:35 Thinking in Dilemmas by Deger Ozkaramanli
19:35 - 19:50 VR/AR/MR and Privacy by Anne Marleen Olthof
19:50 - 20:00 Break
20:00 - 20:15 “Oops!" a.k.a Risk Analysis for user interfaces by Beant
20:15 - 20:30 - Daily Ethical Design by Lennart Overkamp
20:30 - 21:00 - Panel discussion with speakers
21:00 Networking & drinks

Garage ( is a digital design company creating positive experiences. They create products that solve user needs and people love to use. Garage gets there by researching, designing, prototyping and user testing with sustainability and innovation as their guiding stars. Originally founded in 2017, Garage has offices in Amsterdam and Berlin. In addition to that they also have a coding and designing team in Cape Town.

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