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Ladies That UX Belfast supports women in the UX industry through workshops, informal gatherings and projects and is co-lead by MT McCann (Fathom), Kezie Todd (Puppet) and Karishma Kusurkar (Belfast Design Week).

If anyone is having trouble joining us on Meetup as a member, please don’t fret - this does not prevent you from signing up for our latest events. We are currently on the basic Meetup account which limits member numbers but we are planning to upgrade in the near future when we have secured our strategic sponsor.

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Designing for the human experience

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Designing for the human experience

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Ladies That UX Belfast supports women in the UX industry through workshops, informal gatherings and projects. It is co-lead by MT McCann (ESO), Sam Nelson (Deloitte Digital), Eve McCann (EY Seren), and Rosie McKenzie (EY Seren).

Specific Event Details:
Ladies that UX Belfast welcomes you to the 1st event of 2022! This virtual event offers fantastic speakers from across the UX industry talking about the things they are most passionate about. We have topics covering Design research, Phenomenology and how mental health should be considered for design. The speakers will give talks ranging from 5-20 minutes and then we will have a Q&A with all the speakers at the end of the presentations.

🗣 Speaker 1: Morrighan Humpleby
Morrighan is a Service Designer at dxw, and is passionate about designing public and third sector services that change lives.
Morrighan is particularly passionate about improving healthcare and mental health services, and wrote her dissertation on how service design could support and aid the child and adolescent mental health crisis.
Today though she will be talking to us about how her ongoing involvement in mental health training has made her become a better service designer.

🗣 Speaker 2: Dr Joshua Burraway
Dr. Joshua Burraway is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Digital. He holds a Ph.D. in social anthropology, using his social science background to drive innovative product, service and systems design. Products, objects and services are inevitably imbued with sociocultural and bodily meaning. Companies that neglect to explore social theory are bound to miss things that matter, leading to worse outcomes for users and businesses alike. Phenomenology – the science of lived experience and the existential conditions that underpin it – is one such theory. In this talk, Josh will unpack the theoretical and practical tools offered by phenomenology to show they can help us reach a deeper understanding of the human experience and how it connects not just to our being, but our “being-in-the-world.”

🗣 Speaker 3: Gina Lee
Gina is a Design Research Consultant at EY Seren who is passionate about using mixed methods research to uncover user needs and tell compelling stories with data. In her talk, Gina is going to discuss some tips and tricks on tackling survey design. She hopes to show you that you don't need to be a survey expert to design good surveys! Her talk is called “5 things to ask yourself when writing a survey"

How to Join:
Zoom details will be sent to all attendees who sign up on Meetup, on the day of the event a few hours before it kick starts.

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