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Ladies that UX Dallas is a collaborative community of UX designers, technical, and creative professionals in the Dallas area looking to create awareness and community for the ladies working in our industry. Through UX and design-focused events and meet-ups we encourage our members to engage in meaningful conversations, network with other local professionals, and develop new insights into UX processes and practices.

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Work Relationship Design

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As designers, we all know that the majority of our time is spent on dealing with people, not on designing. Nearly every designer has experienced some kind of “people problem” at work - a difficult stakeholder, an unsupportive manager, a cross-functional partner that won’t collaborate, or a direct report that won’t listen. In this talk, Alla will offer an introduction to relationships - what they are, how they work, and how designers can create relationship interfaces so they can be 10 times more effective at work.

Speaker Bio:
Alla Weinberg is the CEO of SPOKE & WHEEL, a team learning & development company.

She is a work relationship expert helping companies build trusting teams and cultures of safety through training, coaching, & facilitation.

In her book, A Culture of Safety: Building an Environment for People to Think, Collaborate, and Innovate, Alla delves into the tools, practices, and rituals that help leaders create physical, emotional, & psychological safety.

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Designing for Better Brains

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