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To register for this event you MUST:

1) RSVP on this meetup page

2) Fill out this form (https://ltuxldt.typeform.com/to/t0SqhO) so we can match you with mentors that are knowledgable on your areas of interest.

3) Complete steps 2 and 3 by Aug 19th.

Unfortunately, because of the structure of this event, we cannot accept late registrations. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Price: Free

This event is for: Anyone with an interest in UX, whether you’re just starting out and looking to learn more about the field, a student or currently working in the field.

About the event:
Speed mentoring is a one time mentoring session which allows individuals to learn and seek guidance from a mentor (more experienced person who can pass on relevant knowledge and experience).

The purpose of speed mentoring is to provide a valuable learning opportunity for less experienced individuals while requiring a limited commitment of time and resources for more experienced individuals serving as mentors. While mentors and mentees can mutually decide to meet again after their speed mentoring session, the commitment is to participate only in the initial meeting.

The general structure of this event is: Mentors and mentees meet for 8 minutes and then rotate to another mentor/mentee immediately afterwards(2mins for this switch off), and so on.

Our goal is that by the end of the night you will have made some useful connections and obtained solid, actionable advice. We want to see continued mentorship relationships form after the event, however, please note that this is not a formal mentorship program and as a result there is a chance that you may not end up with continued mentorship after the event.


6:30 Arrive and Register

6:45 Mix and mingle

7:15 Introduction and welcome

7:30 Speed mentoring

9:00 Close

Meet the mentors!

Below you'll see the list of confirmed mentors. We'll be updating this area with bios and pictures as we collect that information.

Brian Frank (https://ca.linkedin.com/in/brnfrnk)
UX Researcher, ResIM
About Brian: Multi-disciplinary researcher, writer, strategist, and creative journeyman focused on understanding our evolving relationship with technology.

Chris O’Connor (https://ca.linkedin.com/in/christheanalyst)
Manager, Application Development, Info-Tech Research Group
About Chris: I've been formally mentoring and managing business analysts, project managers and software developers for about 2-3 years, but I've enjoyed coaching and leading other roles my entire career. I love inspiring my teams to "learn to learn" and make strategic decisions to continually improve their skills, knowledge and outlook. I've been working in product development and innovation for about 3 and a half years both on the business side and IT side, and I have a passion for driving improvements to development processes, practices, and methodologies.

Diana Caballero (https://twitter.com/gdcadia)
Senior UI Designer, ResIM
About Diana: Diana Caballero is a Mexican Graphic Designer by profession and heart. She graduated from Graphic Design in Mexico, decided to satisfy her love for Print and Editorial Design in Spain and got immersed in the fascinating world of Web Design after settling in Canada.
Website (http://cadiadesign.com) | LinkedIn (https://ca.linkedin.com/in/caballerodiana)

Jonathan Kochis (https://twitter.com/jonathankochis)
President and UX Director, ResIM (UX Research and Design)
About Jonathan: I have over 10 years of experience in areas including team leadership and UX team building, user research, design strategy, and entrepreneurship.

Dave Rino (https://twitter.com/pixelradius)
Senior Digital Designer, London Life
About Dave: I am a Beal Art alumni. I have an Industrial Design diploma from Fanshawe College. I have 20 years experience as a print and digital designer.

Jon Rundle (https://twitter.com/jonrundle)
Product Designer, Envoy
About Jon: Jon has a strong background in digital interface design with a focus on mobile UX, interface design and product strategy. Jon has lead design teams in agency settings, successfully launched a mobile product consulting firm, and is now part of a rapidly growing enterprise software start-up in San Francisco.
Website (http://jonrundle.com) | Dribbble (http://dribbble.com/jonrundle)

Melissa Ogden (http://www.melissaogden.com/)
Senior UX/UI Designer, Media Sonar Technologies
About Melissa: After many years as a successful website designer and a brief stint as a web design instructor at Fanshawe College, I transitioned into the role of UX Designer at an elearning company where I developed interactive courseware and educational games for kids. I continued to hone my UX skills in a Senior UX role at CARPROOF, working with Product and Development teams to deliver best-in-class software. I am currently working on the Product Delivery team at Media Sonar as Senior UX/UI Designer. Outside of UX, my skill set includes graphic design, front end web design, animation, audio production and video editing and I am trained and experience in Agile.

Travis Shipley
Senior Lead UI Designer, Big Viking Games
About Travis: Previously I have worked as an animator, illustrator, and motion designer. Now, I focus on product design from an interface and user experience perspective.

Thanks to all the volunteer Mentors and our very generous sponsor Big Viking Games for providing the volunteers, an incredibly amazing venue, delicious food and refreshments.

- @LadiesthatuxLDT (https://twitter.com/ladiesthatuxldt)
Kathleen MacAinsh (@kmacdesign (https://twitter.com/kmacdesign)) and Ashley Keller (@ashk3l (https://twitter.com/ashk3l))

Live Stream: This is an interactive activity, we will not be live streaming for this meet up.

Please note: There will be a photographer taking photos and/or video at the event and by attending the event you agree to have photos and/or video taken unless otherwise requested. These photos may be used in future promotional materials or shared on social media. If you would prefer not to have your photo taken, then please let us know in advance.