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This is a group about User Experience in the area of Utrecht. Ladies that UX is a global social enterprise with meetups in over 50 cities around the globe! We meet up every month for drinks or listen to/give presentations about UX and network with other UXers (so not only ladies, gentlemen are welcome too!).

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Join the Ladies that UX Slack (https://uxladies.slack.com/shared_invite/MTcxMTkzMDY0Mjc1LTE0OTI1OTM4NDMtZjkyNTlmYTBiNA)group to discuss UX/design ideas, events, articles and job postings.

Any questions, do you want to present, be a volunteer or do you have a suggestion?
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Check our Ladies that UX Utrecht website (http://ladiesthatux.com/utrecht/) on the Ladies that UX global website.

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Sharing your UX research insights & How to fail fast when designing

This meetup we have two talks from two totally different speakers! First Marijke Dekker, inventor of Sticktail, will speak about the history of Sticktail and the plans for the future. Followed by Poyan Karbor, Design Lead at Schiphol, who will speak about the next challenge in the evolution of UX. About talk number 1: Sharing your UX research insights Marijke Dekker noticed that many valuable insights didn’t reach the right people and got lost easily. Design consultancy Valsplat gave Marijke the opportunity to explore the problem and bring her ideas to life. This became Sticktail: a platform for any organization that gathers user insights. Marijke will share more about the story of Sticktail, her journey, and the upcoming plans. Also, she would love to hear your thoughts! More about Marijke: Marijke is interested in people’s motivations, drivers, and how she could help them accomplish their goals by designing user-friendly digital products. That’s how she ended up as a UX designer & UX researcher at Valsplat right after graduation. Recently, she left Valsplat and decided to fully focus on the (now independent) Sticktail. https://www.linkedin.com/in/marijke-dekker-8b27144b About talk number 2: How to fail fast when designing Poyan Karbor, Design lead at Schiphol states "As designers we've fought long and hard for the voice of the customer to be taken seriously. We've spent years on convincing the right people that user research is vital for any product or service, no matter the industry. If we’re lucky, we end up at a stage where the added value of design is understood and where design itself is seen as a strategic contributor. But within this Utopia lies our next challenge. Speed. More specifically, failing fast." More about Poyan: Born in Iran, raised in The Netherlands from the age of 6. Schooled in Jacob Nielsen’s heuristics, back when his personal website didn’t follow any of them and when Digital Design was called Human Computer Interaction. Obsessed with film theory, unremorsefully inquisitive and disturbingly energetic. https://www.linkedin.com/in/poyan-karbor/ About the host SnappCar: "Sharing is at the core of our business here at SnappCar. We believe that sharing is what brings us together and helps us move to a better future. So this is why we would like to host the Ladies that UX meetup: show you a little bit about what we’re doing here at SnappCar, connect with the community and have fun!" // The program of the evening is: 18:00 - Doors open --- A simple meal is provided --- (pls let us know through RSVP or mail) 18:45 - Welcome by LTUX and SnappCar 19:00 - Sharing your UX research insights by Marijke Dekker from Sticktail 19:45 - How to fail fast when designing by Poyan Karbor from Schiphol 20:30 - Drinks and good conversation PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY CONSENT We take photos and videos during the event to use in recap blog posts, social media and promotional materials. By coming to the meetup, you give consent to take photos and videos of you. If you do not want to give your consent, please let us know at check-in or change your RSVP to 'Not Going'. 📍 Location: SnappCar is located right beside Central Station in conference building Jaarbeurs in the Beatrix Theater at the 6th floor adres: Jaarbeursplein 6 in Utrecht Parking: Jaarbeurs P3 is the nearest paid parking garage Public transport from Utrecht CS: A 2-minute walk from CS when you exit via the Jaarbeurs-side Accessibility: SnappCar is well accessible There is an elevator to the 6th floor

Grow the Mindset! - limited tickets available - get your member discount!

RSVP here >> www.ticketkantoor.nl/shop/GrowtheMindset/en

Join us at this Meetup-XL called Grow the Mindset! In case you have not received the email with your member discount code, the code is LTUXUMembXLGtM2019 (limited amount available) 👉 RSVP and buy at www.ticketkantoor.nl/shop/GrowtheMindset You don't want to miss this! We started Meeting up in Utrecht three years ago. To celebrate this anniversary, we want to offer everybody something special. This event aims to host around 250 people. We will share knowledge, inspiration and have many more good conversations! So all members, all speakers and all our former hosts are invited. For this Meetup XL afternoon, we have awesome speakers scheduled for you like Jared Spool, Dana Chisnell, Maike Klip, and Jenny Shen. You can attend several inspiring talks and workshops in parallel sessions and some as keynotes. Experience interactive surprises, enjoy a dinner created by the Creative Chef, and join the evening party with a DJ! But most importantly, don’t miss the discussion after dinner of what it means to Grow the Mindset and why it's so relevant for us UX professionals. >> Check out the full programme at Medium, more information will follow through this channel. https://medium.com/@ladiesthatuxutrecht/https-medium-com-ladiesthatuxutrecht-meetup-xl-grow-the-mindset-d89f324ce73e To cover this Meetup XL costs we do ask a small fee. Of course, our members get a discount of € 50,- (on a ticket price of €100,- to be released on Monday 13th of May)! 👉 Get your ticket on www.ticketkantoor.nl/shop/GrowtheMindset with discount code LTUXUMembXLGtM2019 😍 You will get a full programme for just €50 — Exclusively for our Ladies that UX Meetup members — Limited amount available! — Regular tickets (€100) will be available per May 13th Don't forget to spread the word with your friends and colleagues! We are looking forward to seeing you all on June 14th! * If you want to help us out with an extra donation, you can buy some donation tickets. ** If you have not received the email with the discount code last week, check your settings on Meetup.com for receiving mails from organizers. 📍 Location: Het Huis Utrecht Boorstraat 107, Utrecht

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