What we're about

We are geeks who love movies, books, all the fandoms, cosplay, the occasional geeky 5k, and more! Most of our activities take place in Alpharetta and Atlanta. We accept those of all races and castes who identify as:

• Female, or

• Were designated female at birth and identify as gender-queer, non-binary, or gender non-conforming, or

• Were designated male at birth and identify as gender-queer, non-binary, or gender non-conforming.

Most of our events revolve around cultural geek/nerd interests.

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Facebook Group (here we chat between events, plan new events, and create last-minute get-togethers that aren't always posted on the official calendar) You must be eligible to be a part of our Meetup group in order to gain entrance into this private group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ladygeeksatl/

These platforms are open to the public:

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ladygeeksatlanta/

Upcoming events (3)

Book and Game Swap

Abbott's Bar & Grill

Need something new to read or play? Bring your old favorites and swap them out for something new.

*Games must be complete with no missing pieces*

Anything But Scary Clowns Book Club: When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole

Join us in October when we discuss When No One is Watching by Aylssa Cole.

Rear Window meets Get Out in this gripping thriller from a critically acclaimed and New York Times Notable author, in which the gentrification of a Brooklyn neighborhood takes on a sinister new meaning…

Sydney Green is Brooklyn born and raised, but her beloved neighborhood seems to change every time she blinks. Condos are sprouting like weeds, FOR SALE signs are popping up overnight, and the neighbors she’s known all her life are disappearing. To hold onto her community’s past and present, Sydney channels her frustration into a walking tour and finds an unlikely and unwanted assistant in one of the new arrivals to the block—her neighbor Theo.

But Sydney and Theo’s deep dive into history quickly becomes a dizzying descent into paranoia and fear. Their neighbors may not have moved to the suburbs after all, and the push to revitalize the community may be more deadly than advertised.

When does coincidence become conspiracy? Where do people go when gentrification pushes them out? Can Sydney and Theo trust each other—or themselves—long enough to find out before they too disappear?

Writers Night - Wild Mind - Let's Create a Writing Practice

We will continue with our journey through the book Wild Minds: Living the Writers Life by Natalie Goldberg.
We will discuss Chapters 26 - 28 We will have a writing exercise and if we feel inclined to do so share what we have written or a small tidbit of what we are working on with the group.

As always we will focus on the positive aspects of each others writing to create a safe space.

It is not necessary to have purchased the book or attended previous writers nights. All Lady Geeks are welcome.

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