Lady Geeks' Drink-Talk-Learn

This is a past event

12 people went


- PLEASE bring your presentation on a flashdrive or have a URL link to it wherever it's stored (e.g. youtube,, googledrive, whatever). Instead of hooking up different computers, I'll compile all the presentations on one flashdrive, and put it on my computer linked to a TV.
- If you feel you're not ready to present, no worries or judgement! Just, for the sake of knowing we'll have at least five people presenting, please try to let me know if you would like to take your name off the list by noon on Friday.
-Please BYOB.
- Also please feel free to bring your own dinner, or have it delivered to the house. Otherwise, if you would like to chip in for 2-3 pizzas, please reply to this message with "PIZZA PLEASE" and we'll split the cost among whomever replies.
- I will have a speaker.
- I have a cat. She's friendly, will probably keep to herself. All service creatures are welcome. But if you have cat allergies, FYI.

Haven't heard about the Powerpoint Party Game? Read about it here -->

"The rules of the game sound simple enough: Create a PowerPoint presentation about something you're passionate about that does not exceed three minutes in length. The catch is, if you go over this time limit, you have to finish your drink and resume your lecture." It can be nerdy, it can be your actual job, a side-hustle, some completely random topic you're fascinated with, or something not even "nerdy". Whatever it is! Share it with us in presentation form. Don't over think it, it doesn't have to be witty. The point is that we want to learn what you're passionate about, and we want to learn something new.

MY house rules [HR] + the standards are as follows:
- You don't have to be a presenter to attend [HR]
- If you present, you must have a PowerPoint or PDF slides not exceeding 3 minutes in length
- Should you go over 3 minutes in length, you will be asked to finish your drink, [or some other beverage of choice, or spin around in a circle three times - HR], then resume giving your presentation. Each additional minute will result in further drinking[/spinning - HR] penalties.
- Heckling is allowed if it is witty & brief.
- Death by Screech is the punishment for non-witty banter.
- If you deliberately have your slides set on an automatic time lasting less than three minutes, I will find you, and make you drink [or spin thrice in a circle].
- You don't have to drink if you don't want to, alcoholic or otherwise. You don't even have to spin, if you don't really want to. [HR]
- Thou shall not judge who do choose to do so [HR]
- 4 awards will be given by the end of the night: (1) Best dressed, (2) Most entertaining presentation, (3) Most passionate, (4) Most interesting, educational, or Woah!-I-never-thought-about-that-or-knew-anything-about-that-before presentation
1. Dara Epstein "Planning the Impossible City: Learning From Fantasy & Sci-Fi Cities"
2. Tracy
3. Savannah
4. Nicole Mortenson "Doom Patrol"
5. Dierdre Newton
6. Veronica Zuniga
7. Jennifer
8. Natasha