What we're about


This AWESOME TRIBE is focused on spiritual growth and the pursuit of authenticity, awakening and enlightenment. We'll use fun and inspiring group processes, Jungian and tarot card systems and inspiring rituals to unearth and clear the deeply stored debris that prevents our expansion and joy.

• We'll dig deep exploring personality aspects and archetypes - and have fun sharing stories, beliefs and experiences. You'll meet new people, get to know yourself a little better and have a great time.

• We'll learn about the writings of many masters and teachers. It'll be eye opening and soul expanding.

• We'll also use some of the ideas and processes outlined in my book: The Field Guide to Human Personalities and my Colorful Me personal workbook.

I promise you'll have fun and feel a deeper, more loving connection to yourself and others.

I look forward to meeting you!

Paul Wagner, PersonalitiesBook.com (http://personalitiesbook.com)

5-Time EMMY® Award Winning Comedian

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