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Our tours take place in Washington, D.C.--Lafayette Square, Capitol Hill, Georgetown, et al.--Alexandria, Virginia, and other historic sites such as Civil War battlefields in Antietam, Maryland. The tours last about 2 hours, and typically cost $15 per person.

Washington, D.C. and nearby towns like Alexandria, Virginia drip with history and political intrigue--from colonial times to the present day. This is a group aimed at those eager to explore the often-violent and scandalous past of the nation's capital and its surroundings--its wars, espionage rings, assassination attempts, mayhem and misbehaviors, as well as more uplifting events--against its backdrop of architectural splendor and breathtaking vistas.

Detailed itineraries!:

Lafayette Square--White House, Andrew Jackson statue, Stephen Decatur House, slave annex, Dolley Madison House, St. John's Church, Frederick Douglass bank, Lafayette statue, Blair-Lee House, Renwick Gallery, Treasury Dept., Eisenhower Executive Office Building...Learn about: The assassination attempt on a President-one block from the White House!…The war-hero congressman who murdered his wife’s lover…The tragic suicide of the wife of America’s most esteemed author…The brutal stabbing of a Secretary of State…The ruthless spy who lost the U.S. Army a major battle…The scandal that caused the entire presidential Cabinet to resign!..And much more! And it all happened in Lafayette Square, across from the White House in Washington, D.C.

This tour starts and ends at the Andrew Jackson statue.

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia--the Torpedo Factory, the John Carlisle mansion, the Stabler-Ledbetter pharmacy museum, Lawrence Washington's House, George Washington's town house, Founder's Park, the City Hall, the John Wise tavern, Gadsby's Museum and restaurant, Christ Church, Robert E. Lee's boyhood home, the Lee-Fendall House, the old cotton mill, the Presbyterian Meeting House.

This tour typically starts at the Torpedo Factory and ends at Christ Church.

Capitol Hill--the Supreme Court, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Library of Congress, the 9/11 memorial, the Anne Frank memorial, the Peace Memorial, the President Garfield statue, the Inauguration steps, the Ulysses S. Grant memorial, the Frederick Law Olmstead grotto, the Sullivan Brothers memorial, the hidden cornerstone of the Capitol.

This tour starts at the Supreme Court Building and ends at the Ulysses S. Grant memorial.

What We Do--"Walking history seminars": walking group tours of the most historic venues in Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Virginia, and other towns.

Where We Go--We tour historic, atmospheric neighborhoods and sites such as Lafayette Square, the Capitol Building grounds, Georgetown, Old Town Alexandria, the Navy Yard area, and the Antietam Civil War battlefield.

Upcoming events (4)

100th Anniversary of Lincoln Memorial--Lincoln & Civil War Tour of D.C.! May 27!

100th Anniversary of Lincoln Memorial--Lincoln & Civil War Tour of D.C.! May 27!

May 27, 5:30 pm, meet outside Library of Congress!

The area from the Capitol Building grounds through downtown D.C. to Ford’s Theater has an astonishing number of buildings and locales on noteworthy events and personalities of the Civil War. And relating to the life and death of President Lincoln. This unique walking tour, on the weekend centennial of the Lincoln Memorial, will touch on the startling episodes that occurred on those very streets.

Meet at the Neptune Fountain in front of the Library of Congress, Thomas Jefferson Building, on 1st St., N.E.

Length of tour: About 2.25 hours. Fee starts at $21.

Pre-register and pre-pay at:
Send $21 to [masked] to https://www.paypal.com/us/home
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Some of our action-packed itinerary!:

• The tour begins at the site of Rep. Lincoln's 1848 lodging, and describes the wild events there that helped spark the Civil War
• Controversies in building the Lincoln Memorial
• The place which inspired an Oscar-winning movie, and where a plot to assassinate Southern leaders and President James Buchanan was hatched!
• The largest slave escape of all
• The Civil War’s unknown great photographer
• The man who killed John Wilkes Booth—or did he?
• Jefferson's prophecy of civil war
• Site of President Lincoln's inaugural addresses
• The most studied soldier in American history
• The prison for Confederates and "contrabands"
• Senate sites of bloody regional disputes
• The secret society of “free men of color”
• Workplace of the most famous caregiver in American history, and the nearly impossible task Lincoln gave her
• Sculptor of the Union Army’s grand pension building, and of Confederate statues too
• The little-known, unsolved attempt to kill Lincoln
• The great inventor who divided the North
• The 1830s D.C. riot that presaged the Civil War
• The military nurse who was the country’s most eminent poet
• The riotous brawls between North—and North!
• The North vs. South fracas that began in the home of the Capitol architect’s wife
• Surprising perches of black abolitionists
• The astonishing plot to kill Confederate President Jefferson Davis
• The errant bodyguard Mrs. Lincoln blamed for her husband’s murder
• John Wilkes Booth’s other targets and schemes
• How the first attempt at secession was cleverly thwarted
• Tragic locale of another assassinated President and Army veteran
• The general who saved the Union, and was backed by the South
• The Grand Army of the Republic
• The roots of Lincoln’s soaring rhetoric

Your guide is a former writer for the “Tonight Show”, and ex-White House speechwriter, the writer of books on politics & history:





Think history is boring? Think again!

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Memorial Day Weekend History Hike, Sunday, May 29!

Needs a location


Special event, special price.
Memorial Day Weekend History Hike, Historic Fort Washington, Maryland.
With the Mappy Hour group of outdoors enthusiasts.

Fort Washington Park
13551 Fort Washington Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744
MEET at the Visitor Center parking lot just down from the visitor center. (NOT at the parking lot near the Meigs Battery.)

Fee: $15.
REGISTER and Prepay via:

You can drive in or bike in, but there are no nearby Metro stations. Carpooling encouraged.

Itinerary will select from:
• The fort’s tragic history in the War of 1812
• The role of the planner of Washington, D.C.
• The lighthouse picnic and beach
• Artillery across two centuries
• The “Battle of Alexandria”
• The officers barracks
• The British raid on Alexandria, of the American Revolution
• Sowing mines in the Potomac
• The Nazi U-boat plot to blow up America
• Fort commandant, Robert E. Lee’s son
• The worst peace-time Navy accident in American history
• Slave escape aboard the Pearl
• Interrogations of German P.O.W.s
• World war naval shipyards
• D.C.’s Civil War forts
• The best executive in U.S. history
• The most cowardly commander in U.S. history
• Defenses against land attack
And more!

Your guide is a former writer for the “Tonight Show”, and ex-White House speechwriter, the writer of books on politics & history:

Think history is boring? Think again!
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Independence Day Tour of Thomas Jefferson’s Revolutionary Times, Washington D.C.

Independence Day Tour of Thomas Jefferson’s Revolutionary Times, Washington D.C., Monday July 4, 11 am, George Mason Memorial!

Held along the scenic Tidal Basin, the National Mall & the White House’s Lafayette Square, on Independence Day, this tour will examine the accomplishments of, and many crises faced, by Jefferson—D.C.’s first two-term President--during the American Revolution, in Europe, and during wild stay in the then-new Executive Mansion. And of his friends & rivals Alexander Hamilton, George Mason, James Madison, George Washington, & John Adams, and others, all of whom left a significant mark on the capital, and America, from the first July 4th and thereafter.

Monday, July 4, 11 am.
MEET at the GEORGE MASON memorial near the Jefferson Memorial.
Length: 2 to 2.5 hours.
Nearest metros: Smithsonian & Metro Center.
PRE-REGISTER and Pre-Pay at—
Airbnb Experiences:
Or PayPal, sending $22 to savvyveteran@gmail.com:

We’ll walk from the Mason & Jefferson Memorials to the White House & Lafayette Square. And discover:
• A traitor’s attempted betrayal of Jefferson’s Lewis & Clark expedition
• Mason’s battle against—the U.S. Constitution
• The mysterious Jefferson Pier
• The Marquis de Lafayette’s amazing & perilous associations with multiple American Presidents
• Inventor of farm, kitchen, and spy apparatus
• The secret language of the Jefferson Memorial
• The undeclared naval war, and declared trade war, that nearly wrecked Jefferson’s second term
• Sally Hemings and Maria Cosway
• Disputes over the Jefferson Memorial
• Rollercoaster relationship with John Adams
• “The room where it happened”
• The “miracle mansion” of TJ’s militia chief
• The scoundrel who betrayed Jefferson, killed Hamilton, and tried setting up his own country—with the head of the U.S. Army!
• Architect-in-Chief: Did TJ secretly design the White House?
• When Jefferson was almost hanged
• How Mason & Jefferson ended the slave trade—from Minnesota to the Mediterranean!
• President Jefferson’s “First Lady”
• Did Jefferson plagiarize Mason?
• How TJ came to write the Declaration of Independence, and its hidden coda
• And more!

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Your tour guide is a former speechwriter to the President of the United States, a former writer for Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show”, & author of the newly published, hidden history of Lafayette Square—The White House’s Unruly Neighborhood!:
Questions?: savvyveteran@gmail.com

Bring your walking shoes, and perhaps water and sunscreen.
Think history is boring? Not on our tours!

Bastille Day Tour of Famous French-Americans, Lafayette Square, DC!

Needs a location


Bastille Day Tour of Famous French-Americans, Thursday July 14, 6 pm, Lafayette Square, White House Neighborhood DC!
Celebrate the culture of France and its long-term alliance with, and influence on, America, with a White House area tour of famed French-Americans?
Where: Lafayette Square, D.C., at the Battle of New Orleans/Andrew Jackson statue in middle of the Square.
Length: About 2 hours
Email: savvyveteran@gmail.com
Your guide, an ex-Tonight Show writer and former Presidential speechwriter, is the author of a history of Lafayette Square:
And the U.S. Capitol Building:
Learn about the great deal of French and French-American influence right in America’s founding park, Lafayette Square!:
• The Frenchman who joined George Washington’s army as a teenager, as a major general!
• The French-American officer who won a famous victory over pirates.
• The French pirate who helped the Americans win a famous victory.
• How a First Lady of French descent saved Lafayette Square.
• The American President who saved the Marquis of Lafayette’s life!
• The First Lady who saved Lafayette’s life a second time!
• The remarkable White House area constructions during the two world wars to save France.
• The renowned African-American sculpture by a French-American sculptor.
• How a brilliant spy helped a general of French descent win a major Civil War battle.
• The American President with ancestors from an oppressed French religious group.
• The teacher of French ancestry who inspired the Lewis and Clark expedition.
• The French explorer critical to the success of that expedition.
• The French commander who was key to winning the American Revolution’s critical battle.
• The French-born architects who designed the Capitol Building.
• The American who secretly built the White House from a French design.
• The American who ghost-wrote France’s Declaration of the Rights of Man.
• The French philosopher who invented the American form of government.
• The French financial wizard who cut the nation’s debt while funding the largest real estate deal in history.
• The French aristocrat who acted as a secret American agent for the largest real estate deal in history.
• The French-born civil engineer who founded, and was fired by, “Washington”.
• The congressman of French descent who saved the American President from a charge of manslaughter!
• The French steward who saved a President from drowning
• And more!!
Pre-register and pre-pay via:
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Vive la France! In Lafayette Square D.C.!!

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