What we're about

I just want this to be about just going out, taking pictures and socializing. What I want to do is schedule informal shoots about every three weeks and then after the shoot meet up somewhere like a bar and talk and get to know each other. I will try to typically schedule shoots that are located about 25 miles from central Austin so it is somewhat convenient for most people in the area. I do plan on scheduling most events on Sunday afternoon. I also keep my events somewhat small and typically keep the attendance under 40. When events get to big they become impersonal.

I forgot to add my style of photography is shooting mostly landscapes, historical sites, black and white, old dilapidated stuff and lots of other stuff. I shoot digital (hey who doesn't) and shoot both medium format and 35mm film. I have been doing still photography for about thirteen years.

I also will say I do this site for fun and it does cost me money to organize this. I am just simply doing this because I enjoy photography and want to meet others who enjoy doing the same thing. There isn't a cost, but donations are always gladly accepted.

Another thing I will add is that I do like it when people actually post a pictures of themselves which helps me identify who you are and this makes other members know who you are. When you post a pic of your car, flower, pet or other random shit; I haven't a clue who you are.

I also am always looking for event organizers and if you are interested in doing this let me know. I am pretty open about what people can schedule.

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Shoot Bull Creek all black and white

Bull Creek District Dog Park

Take pictures at Brushy Creek Park

Twin Lakes Park

Take pictures at Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell

Light Painting in the Park.

Bull Creek District Park

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