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What we’re about

See, here's the problem with most "singles" groups. There's a lot of pressure to be, well, single. There's speed-dating, 3Ms (Meat Market Meetups), and just an overall pressure to meet and mingle. And I was thinking, "It would be really nice to have a group that was easygoing, safe, relaxed, and just a lot of fun. And yet....full of singles too!" :) Well, search as I might, I couldn't find such a group. So, with your help, we're going to BUILD one!

This group is intended to take the stress out of "socializing" for singles, but still give you lots of easygoing opportunities to connect and socialize. We like to get together, have fun, and yes, dance and party. But you won't have to "dress up" in this group. And you won't find us at those fancy bars where one drink costs $20! "Dress to impress" gatherings....ain't gonna happen. Packed, noisy, meat markets....ain't gonna happen. Pressure to mingle and be on...ain't gonna-- well, you get the idea :) The whole premise of this group is to facilitate gatherings for singles where you don't feel the pressure to "be single". And yet.... you can still enjoy hanging out with and meeting some cool people knowing everyone else single is too! ;) Just hang out, be casual, enjoy yourself and have a good time along the way. It's the perfect group to network, meet new friends, or perhaps even that someone special. And of course, to have fun too. Which is what it's all about. All we ask is that you have a good attitude, are nice, and treat all others with respect.

Meetups for this group may be anything from a day at the Museum, Intellectual discussion groups, bowling, yoga and meditation classes, karaoke...who knows? But also plan on some good old fashioned Happy Hours sprinkled in liberally. The common theme will be safe, enjoyable, easygoing, stress free, and fun events to just meet other single people. Unless otherwise specified, dress is always casual. That's because we think comfortable clothes make for comfortable people. So show up, hang out with some great people, and don't feel any pressure to be "on".

So join the group and let's have some fun, meet some people, and thaw the "Seattle Freeze"! (one oxford comma at a time...)