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This group is intended to take the stress out of "socializing" for singles, but still give you lots of easygoing opportunities to connect and socialize. We like to get together, have fun, and yes, dance and party. The whole premise of this group is to facilitate gatherings for singles where you don't feel the pressure to "be single". And yet.... you can still enjoy knowing everyone else is too! ;) Just hang out, be casual, enjoy yourself and have a good time along the way. It's the perfect group to network, meet new friends, or perhaps even that someone special. And of course, to have fun too. which is what it's all about.

Meetups for this group may be anything from Free Saturday at the Museum, Intellectual Discussion groups, bowling, yoga and meditation classes, karaoke...who knows? But also plan on some good old fashioned Happy Hours sprinkled in liberally. The common theme will be safe, enjoyable, easygoing, stress free, and fun events. And unless otherwise specified, dress is always casual. That's because we think comfortable clothes make for comfortable people. So show up, hang out with some great people, and don't feel any pressure to be "on".

In our Group, you will find … a fun mix of nice people who like to join in sharing good conversations, laughter and activities that enhance a friendly, supportive and social atmosphere. The intent is to create fun, safe and social space in various environments where we share activities, meet and have a good time. Many members are natives of Colorado, New to Colorado or are People that find themselves in new life situations. Join us should you want to get out of the house to socialize, have fun, do something good, try something new and develop new friendships!

Let go of any fear you may have about venturing out and attending an event for the first time (many members have been through this already and they will certainly understand how you feel) you will find that the members of the group are a nice mix of people of various backgrounds and ages who just want to live life and enjoy exploring new adventures, meet new people and share good times at great places and events.

Now...let's have some fun!



• This Group is not sponsored by any organization nor do I promote a business. Note: We do allow some members (as organizers or event hosts) to post activities that may occasionally promote a business or service.

• There is no charge for member activities for participation within this Group however PLEASE make a donation to the group to help us cover any annual site fee costs should you like.

• Events include just for fun options as well as some charity work-fundraising opportunities.

• Some events may have a fee and the information WILL BE POSTED so that you may reserve or buy your own ticket(s) for the event.

• Most events allow you to bring 1-2 Friends, some will have RSVP limitations and those with children may bring them to any event providing it is age-content appropriate and that you maintain responsibility for your children at all times during an event.

• I do not attend all events due to time constraints or personal needs so should you need a leader at all times…this will not be the group for you. As needed, I will ask a member to volunteer to meet other members when I am unable to attend and I greatly appreciate the help and support of those who are able to volunteer.

• You may host an Event should you be willing, all you have to do is propose and event and we will approve after reviewing. We can use some extra organizers, it is easier than it looks so contact me with any interest. Organizers in their 30s and 40s wanted for events Downtown, LODO, RHINO and South Denver.

Upcoming events (5+)

Workshop: How To Be A Phenomenal Dater

Full Moon Books & Event Center


Do you feel lost and confused in the dating world? Do you want to learn how to ALWAYS be dating your partner? If so, join us for this 90 minute workshop to learn how to become a PHENOMENAL DATER! Over the years, we have seen singles struggle with the skills needed to be successful in the dating world. This workshop is specifically designed to focus on helping you learn the four ways to become a phenomenal dater. These crucial skills will help you get off the dating merry-go-round and feel more confident in your dating abilities. Come learn how to enjoy a fun dating life and then keep the relationship alive, exciting and satisfying. Be someone people admire and find attractive. This workshop will be delivered by Suzanne Muller-Heinz and Monica Edwards. Suzanne is an International Dating & Love Life Coach, Speaker and the Author of the book Loveable, 21 Practices for Being in a Loving & Fulfilling Relationship. Monica is a Transformational Success Coach with expertise in Dating, Relationships, Pre-marital and Marital coaching. She also has a solid background in Natural Health, Nutrition and Weight loss. **Suggested donation $10 - $20 (helps with room cost) Parking is free in the lot. Additional parking is available to the left of Full Moon Books behind the stores.

Discussion Group: Relationships

Christ the Servant Lutheran


Relationships - we love them, we hate them, and sometimes we're not sure how to navigate them. We all have relationships, whether it's with ourselves, a romantic partner, at work, or the family. Let's celebrate our relationships deeply, support each other with the challenges, and start to envision and create the relationships we long for. This discussion group will be facilitated, with the intention of creating a confidential, welcoming space for everyone, in which we feel free to open up, share, have a sense of humor, and learn and grow. We'll hold the intention to share the talk time, speak from the heart and our own experiences, and be present with each other, offering empathetic listening, and insight into new perspectives. We'll refrain from offering intellectual analysis of what others say, 'fixing', or giving unsolicited advice. We trust that each person will get what they need. As a trained communication expert, Beth may invite people to connect more deeply with themselves or empathize with the person in the relationship they want to address; however everyone is free to open up at the level they're comfortable. Donation: $10 To pay for space & facilitation. Noone will be turned away for lack of funds. Just come, and give if you're able. About Beth: Beth has studied and practiced Empowered Compassionate Communication and Mindfulness since 2005, including year-long teacher trainer programs in both modalities. She is passionate about creating a world in which everyone matters, where we are open to the flow of life energy and creatively meeting our needs, and we are inspired to contribute to a more wonderful world. She has shared mindfulness and communication work with over 250 people. NOTE: This is Memorial Day weekend, so if you'd like to have a picnic afterward, or host a BBQ, please message Beth.

Tapas Tuesday Happy Hour & Social @ Dagaba Cocina Boulder

Join us for Tuesday Happy Hour and eat Classic Spanish Cuisine in a stylish Spanish hideaway serving tapas, pasta dishes & wood-fired pizzas plus wine. Located in Northern Boulder Dagaba Cocina has been serving the community and neighborhood for over 23 years. http://dagabicucina.com/dagabiV2/ HAPPY HOUR 5:00-6:30 AND ALL NIGHT ON TUESDAYS! DRINK AND TAPAS SPECIALS! http://dagabicucina.com/dagabiV2/

Maxwell Falls Lower Trail (#111) + Lunch @ Murphy's in Evergreen

Maxwell Falls is a very enjoyable hike. It follows Maxwell Creek, and the waterfalls are at their best in the spring when the snow runoff is plentiful. This is a moderate trail with the majority of the trail climbing up and down hills, with very little flat areas. https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/arp/recreation/ohv/recarea/?recid=28444&actid=50 https://www.hikingproject.com/trail/7012750/maxwell-falls-loop Parking is very limited so please carpool if able. LUNCH: Murphy's Mountain Grill, 27906 Highway 74, Evergreen, Colorado 80439 (720)[masked]http://www.murphysmountaingrill.com/ There are 10 tables available outdoors, most stream side; and there's an equal number indoors. One wall opens to the creek, so even sitting inside gives a feel for enjoying the out-of-doors. CARPOOLING: Meet at the Wooly Mammoth lot by 9:15AM, Section DD. TRAIL NOTES: Trail 5.2 mile loop - Intermediate Ascent: 955' Descent: -955' High: 8,398' Low: 7,761' Grade: Avg Grade: 7% (4°) Max Grade: 26% (14°) Dogs- Jefferson County law requires dogs be on a leash at all times while on this trail. Directions to Trailhead: South of Evergreen on Highway 73, take Brook Forest Road for three miles. To access the upper trailhead, continue to Black Mountain Road, turn left and drive another one and a quarter mile. IMPORTANT! YOUR RSVP AND ATTENDANCE RELEASES ANY LIABILITY WITH THE ORGANIZERS OF THIS GROUP. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES This is a voluntary group, and as such, organizers and event hosts are not professional guides. When you participate in an event, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for your own personal safety, the safety of your guests (and safety of your dogs, should they be allowed- check the rules of the park). Please try to use common sense and know your physical limits. Be smart about this. We want everyone to have a safe, enjoyable time. Weather changes quickly and mud can be abundant! Please come prepared with appropriate hiking clothing, boots-shoes, hiking poles, microspikes, snowshoes, backpack, snacks, and plenty of water. Make sure you have in your pack in case you need it - rain/snow gear, hat, gloves, extra socks, and extra layers, etc. Make it the best experience possible by being prepared! Although we get together afterwards at an establishment that typically serves alcohol, we are not responsible for you taking risks with alcohol consumption and driving. People that drive carpools should especially keep this in mind as you are obviously responsible for other people besides yourself and should make sure your insurance covers non-family members.

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Workshop: Dating From the True You

Louisville Fire Department (LFPD) Station 1


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