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Lake County Astrological Association (LCAA) was founded in 1973 by Carolyn Clementson. We are a non-profit organization serving the astrological community in Northeast Ohio and surrounding states. LCAA was formed to encourage and promote the the science and art of astrology through research, teaching, and lecturing.

We encourage anyone with an interest in astrology to attend and/or join our group. All skill levels are welcome. Beginners will be able to learn the basics of chart interpretation, while those with more advanced knowledge will be able to challenge, learn and grow their skills, from lectures and workshops offered.

LCAA meets once a month to socialize and learn about a specific topic in astrology at the monthly lecture. Other activities include workshops, and special social events held throughout the year.

Membership fees are $20 for regular membership ($15 for senior, $30 for couples) This includes free attendance of 10 lectures per year ($10 each for non-member guests), a free reading from an astrologer at the October potluck event, and unlimited fun of interacting with your fellow astrologers!

Membership fees can be paid at in person at a meeting or online at https://www.lakecountyastrology.com/membership.

Upcoming events (2)

April Lecture - Life Beyond Your favorite Keywords. Are They enough?

Willoughby Hills Community Center

Life Beyond Your Favorite Keywords. Are They Enough? Approaching a chart the first time, symbols become keywords and form sentences of our standby interpretive statements. These form the outline of our delineations and consultations. Could we be too secure and “cliché” with our choice of keywords? We will look at our favorite keywords for signs and planets and examine if they are inclusive enough, touching upon experience and listening to narratives of our friends and clients to freshen our eyes when we decode a chart. A method of “spring cleaning” our wizard bag of Astrological keywords is fun and transforming. Victoria Smoot is a teacher, artist, writer, editor, and consultant in Astrology with experience of over 40 years (formerly Victoria Peltz). Victoria holds a Masters of Education specializing in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Astrology is her second language so her teaching always advocates for greater literacy and fluency in Astrology. She is a Certified Professional with OPA, and an ISAR.CAP, serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the ISAR journal, The International Astrologer, as well as a trainer in Consulting Skills. She can be reached at [masked]

Open Chart Night

6505 Rockside Rd

A class meeting teaching to interpret a natal chart. In this class, Angie will work with students’ charts explaining how to interpret the natal positions of the planets, signs, and houses. You learn about chart features while getting insight into your birth horoscope. Angie Agnoni is your quintessential Aquarian, who considers herself a cheerleader for astrology, intent upon awakening minds to the possibilities its true understanding will offer our future.

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LCAA March 2019 Lecture

Willoughby Hills Community Center

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