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What we’re about

Lake County Astrological Association (LCAA) was founded in 1973 by Carolyn Clementson. We are a non-profit organization serving the astrological community in Northeast Ohio and surrounding states. LCAA was formed to encourage and promote the the science and art of astrology through research, teaching, and lecturing.

We encourage anyone with an interest in astrology to attend and/or join our group. All skill levels are welcome. Beginners will be able to learn the basics of chart interpretation, while those with more advanced knowledge will be able to challenge, learn and grow their skills, from lectures and workshops offered.

LCAA meets once a month to socialize and learn about a specific topic in astrology at the monthly lecture. Other activities include workshops, and special social events held throughout the year.

Membership fees are $20 for regular membership ($15 for senior, $30 for couples) This includes free attendance of 10 lectures per year ($10 each for non-member guests), a free reading from an astrologer at the October potluck event, and unlimited fun of interacting with your fellow astrologers!

Membership fees can be paid at in person at a meeting or online at

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