What we're about

This group is for photographers that want to get together, have fun and learn doing photoshoots from landscapes, events, portraits, photoshop, and Adobe Premiere CC . All levels of Photographers are welcome from beginner to experienced. This group was started to meet other photographers who have a passion to do photo shoots, have fun, and learn from one another. As this group has matured, we find it necessary to update our membership requirements while staying safe and still having fun.


We will abide by all Federal, State and Local regulations regarding the Pandemic.


We REQUIRE a picture on your LGDP profile to be a headshot (clearly showing your face and head.) A close-up without hats, sunglasses and mask is necessary. Please make sure you have an acceptable picture uploaded to MeetUp BEFORE completing your request to join our group.

In addition, we also require that you member name consist of your First and Last name. Nicknames and first name only or first name and last initial are not sufficient.

We do this as a courtesy to our event leaders and safety for all. Our event hosts make an effort to identify everyone when they arrive for an event so they can introduce themselves and so no one gets left behind. Please keep in mind the hosts and other members will probably be looking at your picture on their phone so a close up head shot is necessary. If you have any concerns over this policy please contact the organizer directly.

Please review your profile and add or revise these items to meet these requirements.


At this time we do not have member dues or event fees (The organizer and event hosts are volunteers not making anything from this group). We do however, have expenses due to MeetUp.com costs of almost $100 every 6 months. Please help support the group with your participation and a contribution. The Leadership Team is working thru how best to collect donations. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this, please let us know.


This is intended to be an active group with members who participate in our events or at least stay aware of the events we are offering.

Our current membership level is fifty members. http://MeetUp.com charges a fee to support us (See MONEY). We have a wait list of new members waiting to participate. We also have members who are not participating in any way. In order to keep this group membership dues free, it’s best to maintain the fifty member limit.

Periodically the Organizer will review member participation information provided by MeetUp.com. This information is based on your RSVPs, events ( Real and Virtual ) attended and your review of our group page or event calendar.

If this information shows you have not at least viewed our calendar or an event page for more than 6 months you may be removed from the group.


OUR GROUP IS MEMBER DRIVEN! Please consider hosting a event or other activity.

Ideas, with all the details, can be sent to the Organizers Tony or Linda, and we can post it to the calendar! Anyone suggesting or posting an event can be set up as the host. We will do this automatically unless you request otherwise.

Upcoming events (1)

Horse Power Open House

Needs a location

Horse Power Healing Center will host their Open House from 12 - 4pm on June 4th. This is always a fun meetup if you like animals - as in horses, goats, donkeys (new this year), a duck and several chickens!

Stay for the entire time or stop by when you can.

Also, new this year will be hayrides! I believe the hayrides will be the first two hours of the Open House, and horse rides will be the second two hours.

The event and parking is free. But, feel free to partake of the bake sale and food for purchase.

I'll be face painting (usually under a lime green tent), so stop by and say hello!

In terms of lenses, the animals will be close up with a few horses in a nearby field.

Farmer's Almanac predicts sunny and cool.

If you take photos of the afternoon, Wendy, the owner of Horse Power, is always appreciative to be sent the pictures. I'll give you Wendy's email after the Open House. As Tony will tell you, get the rider and the horse in the picture!

Horse Power Healing Center is also known as Jericho Creek Farms in case your GPS isn't cooperating.

See you at the farm!

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Bubble Run Milwaukee

Needs a location

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