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What we're about

We are a coached group, meeting to run and grow together. First time is free for January, and then we require $25 Meetup Fee per Meetup (package of ten is discounted), or bring a friend for $40 total. All meeting locations and runs are safe, well lit, and include dry areas to meet and stretch down if needed.

• Discover running as a path of personal and spiritual growth.

• Make running pleasurable, relaxed and injury free.

• Use advanced body mechanics adapted from Tai Chi. Learn how to get into "the Zone" on purpose

• Develop fitness, strength, and speed

We meet rain or shine!

Running Group Topics Calendar
​All running groups include a group run or workout and a special topic. Special topics address categories such as running technique, injury prevention, strengthening for runners, peak performance, sports psychology, and incorporating tai chi and chi gong techniques and principles into running. Each week we rotate categories and address specific topics within the broader topic. Specific topics change if those attending already know it.

Monthly Topics

Week 1
We'll be addressing topics around peak performance. We will be focusing ways to use breathing and conscious relaxation to take your running to the next level. These techniques provide an entry point into getting into "the Zone" on purpose and help make running far more pleasurable and relaxed.

Week 2
Time to improve our running technique! We'll be focusing on what muscles we should be using when we are running. We'll be doing exercises to activate and consciously use the key running muscle groups. Correct muscle use is a foundation of good running technique and one of the best ways to prevent injuries!

Week 3
Building off of last week, we will focus on strengthening for runners. We will teach safe, effective, and easy exercises for strengthening the hips, glutes, and hamstrings. Strengthening these areas has been shown in study after study to improve running economy and speed!

Week 4
This week is my favorite: tai chi and chi gong for running. We will be learning an easy effective chi gong technique that has transformed dozens of runners into relaxed, integrated running machines!

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