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We have frequent, awesome activities around the Lake Merritt, Oakland, & East Bay Area!
Always an awesome time! You're also welcome to submit event ideas, become an event organizer yourself (no cost!), or just come out and have a blast around Oakland with everyone else!

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Some events include:
- Local concerts & music festivals
- Friday night concerts & "off the grid" food trucks at Oakland Museum of California
- East Bay Bike Party!!!
- Roller Derby
- Bike Polo on Eastlake tennis courts
- Volunteering days around the Lake
- Boats on the Lake
- Happy hours around Grand, Adam's Point, Eastlake, Chinatown, Downtown..

And whatever anyone else wants to do!
Connect with people around you, in your neighborhood, and love Lake Merritt!


Upcoming events (5)

Spontaneous Storytelling online - Live via Zoom

Online event

Tell a story, or just listen & laugh. For the past 5 years, Spontaneous Storytelling has been one of the most fun, most unique events for connecting with new people in the Bay Area. Now online, right from our living room to yours! Put your name in the virtual "hat" for a chance to tell a true story from your life, 5 minutes or less. How it works: Register for this event with a donation of any amount. Pay what you can. ($5 - $10 suggested) You will only be able to access the online event if you have gotten a ticket online at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spontaneous-storytelling-live-via-zoom-tickets-87641575311 Make sure to check your email (and spam or junk mail folder!) for the Secret Zoom Link, on the night of the show. WHAT IS IT: Spontaneous Storytelling is an open-mic true storytelling night with an icebreaker game at the beginning. All stories are just 5 minutes long and personal and TRUE. Hosted by Julie Soller, creator of StorySlam Oakland, and Inanc Ino, comedian and award-winning storyteller. There is no set theme. The audience will provide suggestions which are optional. Stories will be told by members of the audience, and by the hosts and special guests. We are going to try our famous Icebreaker Game at the beginning of the event from 7:00 to 7:30. Meet new people and learn something interesting about them. The game is also how we warm up for storytelling. We will use Zoom breakout rooms. It'll be a huge experiment because we've never done this game online before -- could be fun, could be a fiasco! We'll have to try it to find out! After the game, submit your first and last name via Zoom Chat if you want a chance to tell a true story from your life. Names will be selected by the super fun RANDOM NAME PICKER WHEEL. Or just sit back and enjoy the show. Sometimes there are special guests like comedians and award-winning storytellers. You can tell any true story you like -- as long as it is TRUE, about YOU and 5 minutes or less. No notes or reading allowed, ever! We'll have a volunteer timer to let you know when your time is almost up. Stories are intended for mature audiences, and may contain swearing, adult themes, or whatnot. We don't know until we hear them. Young children and people with sensitive ears are not advised. ***The hosts have the ability to mute and remove anyone who engages in behavior that is disrespectful to others.*** Pay-what-you-can donation based. Your support helps keep independent arts events like this going during the Pandemic. Please donate what you can. For tips on how to tell a story over Zoom, go to http://www.storyslamoakland.com/zoom.html For more fun storytelling events, subscribe at http://www.storyslamoakland.com

East Bay Bike Party! (FREE! & Awesome!)

An East Bay BART Station

It's Bike Party time again! If you like biking and you like parties, you'll love this event :) It's an easy bike ride that starts and ends near BART, with two stops en route to take a break and dance, and a final party stop. There's also bike DJs riding with us to keep us moving. We ride on streets and paved paths in along with hundreds of other bike partiers. The ride will be somewhere in the East Bay, the location will be added once it's announced. We'll meet and greet at 7:00. Roll out is at 8:00. What to Bring: • Lights for your bike: the more you have the better. • Drinks to party along the way. • Snacks, for yourself or to share. • Layers, it can get cool but you'll warm up biking. • A helmet and bike lock. More info: https://eastbaybikeparty.wordpress.com/ -Kathryn

2me4u: Stories of Self-Exploration from the Heart

Online event

When was the last time you were truly intimate with yourself? 2ME4U is a live talk show format focused on intimate self-exploration for men of color. This series builds community through shared vulnerability and reflective healing. What It Is: Men owning their truths - new voices every show Raw, unfiltered, and unscripted - a safe space to be authentic Social. Fun. Unorthodox - often taboo wellness topics What It Aint: Def poetry slam - no pre-prepped material Showtime at the Apollo - no heckling Mortified - no reading or notes allowed, just vulnerable and unfiltered stories Self aggrandizing or sales - humility is your friend Grandstanding - honor the time requirements 10 mins (featured); 5 mins (open-micers) Denzel Herrera-Davis, founder of Create The Space, hosts this series while sharing stories from his life and the lives of others. The team invites you to come hold space, join the conversation, or get on the mic. Feel it. Own it. Release it. Streaming begins: 7:00 pm PST IMPORTANT NOTES: *Entry to the event will be strictly based on capacity. Coming early is HIGHLY recommended. Walk-ups will be allowed the day of the event as long as there is capacity. **By attending you are giving Create The Space consent to use pictures for promotional purposes. FAQs Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event? Yes, attendees must be 21+. Can I just show up day of without a ticket? You may try (if the event is not sold out seats will be sold); however, space is limited to first come first serve so we suggest you get your ticket in advance. Will the event start on time? YES! There will be an MC leading us through some dope interactive sessions. You don't want to be late and miss the fun! What can I expect? Expect to have a dope ass time! Expect to challenge your thoughts around vulnerability. You will hear from men of color as they explore their own unadulterated truths on stage, in the format "written to me, for you". Join us to build up this community one intimate conversation at a time. Is it only for men of color? Absolutely not. This is an avenue that promotes the safety and culture of sharing. While we lead with men of color, we invite all to participate and share their stories! Visit us here for more information. FOLLOW US IG: @create_the_space FB: @Cr8TheSpace #2ME4U

Food Trucks, Free Live Concert, Drinks, Fun, Outdoors @ OMCA - (FREE - No Host)

Come out and have an awesome time! With a free concert, lots of delicious food trucks, an awesome garden & view of Lake Merritt, and an overall great time with awesome people! This is a no-host meetup if I can not be there, so show up early and/or take BART, get to the location on time, and meet others for the event! Instructions below! Map to meetup location here: http://www.meetup.com/LakeMerritt/files/ Meet at 7PM, and whoever is there will depart from location on map at 7:15PM to enjoy food & festivities until 9PM+? The meeting place is at the corner of Fallon St & 10th St, in front of the Laney College sign. (See OMCA Map above) DELICIOUS FOOD. FREE LIVE MUSIC. DRINKS. 1 BLOCK FROM LAKE MERRITT. 7PM. MEET SOME LOCALS. WHY NOT? OMCA has a live band on the outside of the museum every Friday evening, in a bit of amphitheater area, along with a tasty variety of food trucks for "Off the Grid," and the whole street is shut down for everyone to enjoy the wonderful night. #1, the plan is to meet some awesome folks in the area that enjoy loving life and the great places we have to enjoy. Then get some food, drinks, enjoy the music & evening, and maybe whatever. There is no ticket cost for the outdoor event or gardens. Bring money for booze or food you would like to buy there. The plan, after meeting awesome people, is to: 1) Get some delicious food at the amazing variety of food trucks at the event for "Off the Grid." I would be stoked to team up with a few others to buy a few meals to share from different trucks so we could try a little of everything - which we cant do eating a full entrée from each truck on our own, or even in "couples".. 2) Enjoy the fantastic live music blaring from the amphitheater area. Want to chill and relax while eating, watching the crowd and chat? Get up and dance with others? Shake it all night long? To each their own! Do what you want and enjoy yourself how you want to. There will be others doing the same, whatever it is... 3) Drink Tasty Drinks! They sell beer and wine, and not sure about liquor, in a public area at the event, down below the live music. Alcohol is only allowed within the amphitheater area I believe. I am sure that some individuals bring their own alcohol in their purse/bag/carrier instead of purchasing there. While this may not be necessarily "endorsed" by the venue or organizer, it is something that some folks do, sometimes to save money. Something after..? *********** Would you like to organize events around the Lake Merritt area? Become an event organizer for this group! I love meeting local peeps, but I'm busy! Help me get people connected! Pick an awesome event, and send me a message to get started! J Martin Organizer, Lake Merritt Resident (~ 2nd Ave & International in Eastlake - in shadows of 1200 Lakeshore lol)

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