Woocommerce 101 - A Guide to Running an eCommerce Shop with Wordpress

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Lakeland WordPress Meetup Group
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During this Meetup we will discuss best practices for running an eCommerce Website powered by Wordpress and Woocommerce.

This Meetup up will be useful to all levels of experience. We will be talking about concepts and the best way to accomplished goals tied to those concepts using Woocommerce.

If the examples of concepts sound intimidating or like they take years of experience to understand, they are all actually very strait forward and once understood, can provide huge performance improvements for your business.

For example, eCommerce Conversion Rates = Conversions (sales) / Total Visitors. If you increase your conversion rates by 10%, you have increased your revenue by 10% from the same amount of web traffic. We will talk about ways to do that at the Meetup.

Examples of Concepts

- conversion rates
- average cart value
- average lifetime customer value
- Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping Ads)
- product data feed
- videos
- cart & checkout suggested products
- email marketing
- website speed
- reviews

This is the first Meetup for our new group. We would love it if you joined and helped to get our Meetups off to a successful start.