Wordpress Lakeland Meetup - Group Members Choice of Topic


Please go ahead and RSVP for this MeetUp and put your suggestions for a topic in the comments. The topic is To Be Determined, by you!

We will be answering your questions at this Meetup, so please bring them. If you are currently working on a website or you have a business website, we will answer any questions about things you may be unclear about or struggling with.


1. What plugin do your recommend for integrating Google Analytics
2. What theme do you recommend for speed.
3. How do integrate xyz.

Really, whatever you want to know or discuss about Wordpress, we can do. If the presenter does not have a good answer, another attendee almost certainly will.

Also, we want to hear about your successes. If there is a marketing tactic, award, traffic goal attained, or anything else you want to share with the group, that involves a Wordpress website, we would love to hear about it.

The Wordpress Lakeland MeetUp Group meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month, regularly. We will also be holding Meetups at other, non-regularly scheduled times through out the month as the opportunities present themselves.

We are currently looking for speakers. If you have a passion for Wordpress and are using it in any facet of your business and you would like to be a speaker, please contact me.

Thank you for being a valued group member. Let's make some magic.

Rob Gelhausen
E: rob {@} apigenius.io

Please contact me via MeepUp or email with questions or for any of the purposes above.