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A virtual jumping off point for tabletop role-playing gamers, writers, and the like to set face-to-face games, writing support groups (write-ins), or other shiny shindigs.

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Writers, Creatives and Role-Playing Games

Koelbel Library (Arapahoe Libraries)

Wanted – Conspirators!!!! To improve your writing, have fun and confound your critics!!!! If you are interested in how to use pen and paper RPGs to enhance your writing or other creative activities, let’s meet and talk. RPGs are interactive stories that require all the aspects of storytelling; World Building, Acting, Character Development, Story Arcs, Action, etc. What better way to improve your writing and have great fun doing so? Meet with me and we will discuss how games have helped me as a writer. I’ll provide some examples from my own work. I will Schedule a second session in Lakewood if there is enough interest for that. Let me know. Meeting Goals: 1. Discuss RPGs and how they can improve fiction writing and other creative activities. 2. Summarize RPG systems and mechanics. 3. Go over how running (Narrating/Facilitating) a campaign can help your writing. 4. How playing can help you build characters and deepen your world. 5. Most importantly, how we can all use the collaborative experience to improve our writing. 6. If time permits, play a short adventure and discuss the activity and results. The adventure will used one of these two systems. a. Fantasy: AGE (The Green Ronin Adventure Game Engine) System in a Dragon Age setting. b. Science Fiction: Numenera (Monte Cook Games) System in a Science Fiction/Fantasy World. 7. Schedule an ongoing campaign, or if we have enough people multiple campaigns.

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