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Corona Update! I am slowly adding one kid event per week now, and they will all be outdoors, preferably around water when possible (because I hate the heat). They do still charge me, so dues stay in place but I completely understand if you choose not to come to anything until this whole mess is over and there’s a vaccine. :-)

Hi there! Looking to make new friends for both you and your little one? Needing a few nights out a month without a kiddo attached? Come join us! After making the choice a few years ago not to work outside the home anymore, and instead make keeping my 3 (now, since I added a baby in April '19!) tiny humans alive my full-time job, I realized two things. One, when you have little kids it is hard to find friends for them unless you are part of a group such as a meet-up. And two, I need some mom friends I can commiserate with about both kid and non-kid related stuff on the regular, both with and away from kids.

Thus, a combination play group and Moms’ Night Out group!

We will hold at least one playgroup/play date type activity a week, although I'm sure we'll have some weeks where there is more than one activity during that week. We will try and make at least one kid activity a month on a weekend so working moms and their kiddos can come as well, but many of our activities with kids will happen during the week. Our kid activities will focus on kids age newborn to young elementary (age 6 or 7). Some sample kid activities include park play dates, visits to the Children's Museum or Butterfly Pavilion, Zoo trips, play groups in members’ homes, story time at the library, community festivals and indoor play areas to name a few. We also want to vary what we do, and try new things so the kiddos don't get bored (and neither do we)! Meetups will take place on different days and times so that hopefully at least one or two a month work for you and your busy schedule. We'll also try and keep the playdate/park type Meetups (and most of the Moms Night Out meetups) in the Lakewood area, but there will be "field trips" outside of our area as well so we get to experience as much fun as the greater Denver metro area has to offer!

We will also hold AT LEAST two kid-free activities a month for just the Moms because, I don’t know about you, but after more than 5 years of this parenting gig, I need more than one night out every few months! Examples of a night out might include dinner in a restaurant that doesn't serve food in paper bags , cocktails out, wine tastings, going to a movie rated higher than PG, Geeks Who Drink (or similar) trivia nights, board game/card game nights, Paint and Sip, etc. Basically low-key, laid-back activities where we can go out, chat about our lives, remember how to properly 'adult', and make some lasting friendships. Since the goal of this group is for us to make longstanding friendships among the women within this group, it will be limited to 50 participating members. I have been part of several groups that had members in the hundreds and thousands, and I never saw the same people twice; how do you make friends in a group like that?! So, 50 is it. We ask the following of each prospective member:

-$15 annual fee paid within 30 days of joining (but please come try it out and make sure it’s a good fit for you first!) This fee goes to maintain the site with any left-over going to a group party or event. If, after 30 days, you don't pay the fee, it won't let you rsvp to any of the events. :-(

-make sure to include a picture of yourself from the front when you sign up and answer the other questions (so we know who to look for at Meet-up events)!

-change RSVP to ‘no’ if unable to attend an event (even if it’s 30 minutes before the event! We all have kids and know things come up at the last minute but we don’t want to be waiting on someone who isn’t coming). Two no-shows and you will be banned from the group.

-attend at least one event every month or two (max) so we know you’re serious about the group. We want to get to know you and we can’t if we don’t see you very often! If you don't attend at least one event in this time frame and there are people on the waitlist, we will remove you so that someone else can be part of our group. *edit (added 6/20/18)- I get 2-3 new requests DAILY for membership, and we're at max capacity, so if we've never met you, and you've been a member for more than one month, I will probably remove you from the group. I feel badly doing it, and I'm sorry, but we want 50 or less in this group that are serious about attending events and making lasting friendships for themselves and their kiddos!

-have at least one child 6 or under since this is the age range most of the activities will be geared towards

-both you and your children’s vaccinations are all up to date (or as close as possible). If you have chosen not to vaccinate, this is probably not the group for you as we are all pro-vaccine. We sincerely look forward to meeting each and every one of you and your little ones!

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