What we're about


This meetup is for all the functional programming lovers, type-level hackers, and math enthusiasts. It is meant to embrace not only a single language, framework or technology but the overall concepts, paradigms, and ideas. It is a single place to get fresh ideas and new insides across language and framework borders.

Our topics will range from:
- get insides about FP in practice and theory
- nerding about the math behind the scenes
- show us your favorite Lisp dialect
- write proofs and verify your code
- show us how to make the front end safe again using FP with Elm, Purescript and the like
- give an inside of dos and don'ts when doing FP in certain languages like Haskell, Scala, etc
- and much more ...

Basically, everything that covers this vast field we call Functional and Type-level programming.

If this sounds interesting to you, simply join this small club of like-minded people and have a blast.

## Schedule and Talk Proposals
This meetup will take place once a month and upcoming events getting announced in time.

Furthermore, we cover different types of events:
- lightning talk (5min)
- firehose talk (15min)
- long talk (30min)
- workshop (~120min)

Thus, we are able to present multiple talks at a single event or work on some exciting task for the whole evening.

By the way, we organize talks and workshop in the following GitHub repository:


You can upvote talks you are interested in by reacting on a proposal issue. Proposals with a lot of positive feedback get a higher priority when scheduling the next event.

## Propose a Talk or share an Idea
A meetup without talks is rather boring. Therefore, if you have something to say go to our GitHub repository and follow the description in the README.


## Why this Meetup
If you look around you will find many great meetups for specific programming languages or frameworks, but none is dedicated to the overall concepts and paradigms. There is no single place where you can talk about the math behind Monads, proofs in Idris, or Tagless Final in Scala. Basically, a place to exchange knowledge and ideas across borders is (was) missing.

## What is the Meetup name stand for?
Lambda Calculus + Pi Types

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