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Dammtorstraße 30 · Hamburg

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Most likely scenario, I have to pick you up at the main entrance. Just wait there until I open the door :).

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## Introduction to the Lambda Calculus
length: 30min
speaker: Sven Tennie
categories: pl theory

The Lambda Calculus is the computational model behind functional programming languages and is often used in type theory.

To cover all the bits and pieces in a single talk would be too much. Therefore, we start with untyped Lambda Calculus:

- Structure and Evaluation,
- Currying,
- some Encodings (Booleans, Pairs, Numerals),

and broaden our understanding with follow-up talks.

Sven's Bio:
Sven is a senior software developer at Dream IT ( where he is part of the "core architecture" team, helping to shape the technological future of one of the most successful lotto gambling platforms.

He strongly believes in Software Craftmanship practices, especially Clean Code, Pair Programming and Test Driven Development.

On his constant search for better coding approaches, he got hooked by Haskell many years ago. Being interested in how things fundamentally work, he dug through some functional language compilers and read the "standard literature" about their implementation.

He loves to share his knowledge and excitement about the underlying concepts of software development in general and functional programming in particular.

If he doesn't sit in front of a computer, you can meet him with friends in pubs or at FC St. Pauli soccer matches.

## A Fist full of Types
length: 30min
speaker: Paul Heymann
categories: pl theory, Haskell, type system

Log entry #11253: I am still on my journey through the realm of type-level programming. There are strange beast out here and no end is in sight. I think it is time to share some learnings and experiences to prepare the folks which will follow.

And what could be better than to start at the beginning?

In this talk, we will ask ourselves the seemingly simple question 'what is a type?'. The answer will lead us to unknown places like types of types better known as kinds. Once understood, we will create our own kinds and we will learn how to use them to force our way into the depths of dependent types.

Paul's Bio:
Paul entered the realm of functional and type-level programming three years ago when he was caught by a Scala meetup. After that, he started doing Scala professionally as a Data Engineer for the social network XING. There he works on recommender systems and the ontology infrastructure which are serving requests of millions of users every day.

## Organization
When do we start:
Coming together at 19:00 - first talk starts at 19:15

Where to go:
If the entrance door is open go inside and just wait until one of my colleagues or I pick you up. As of now, it is possible for people without keys to reach the conference room.

We will provide drinks and snacks. If you are really hungry feel free to bring some real food with you.