C+ Ride - EP New Witness Tree Trek - 33F - 12.5 to 14.5 MPH


C Ride Leader: Mehrnaz Campbell
Sweep: Jeanette Fitzgerald

LBC Safety Focus:
Do not yell Clear at intersections.
No earbuds or playing of music on club rides.

LBC Ambassador for Cycling Focus:
Do not sneak past cars at intersections.
Do not use the right hand turn lane when going straight.

This is the link to Rules of the Road:

Note: The club is not providing cue sheets. Please print your own by clicking on the link below.

Helmets are mandatory; please also plan to bring 1-2 water bottles, and basic repair kit (spare tube, tire levers, pump/CO2 inflator).

Cue & GPX Link:

Please RSVP to let others know you are coming. It attracts other riders.