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What we're about


Are you:

· A deep individual who listens and processes on multiple layers

· By nature an empathetic individual who feels emotions on an intense level

· A person with a keen awareness to the smallest of subtleties around you

· Easily become over stimulated?

· Have others told you that you are too sensitive?

If so you most likely are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Not sure if you are Highly Sensitive? Then we invite you to take Elaine Aron's HSP Self-Assessment (http://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/)(Click the Link). If your score 14 or higher than you are most likely an HSP and we would love to invite you to join the Lancaster HSP Meetup group.

Our goal is to create a safe environment to encourage HSPs to embrace their sensitive nature, explore their gifts and strengthen their talents to lead empowered fulfilling lives.

This group aims to achieve this by providing a mix of HSP events including:

· Social activities for HSP’s to gather together

· HSP Support Focused Group Discussions

· HSP Topic Presentations

Contribution: We will cover the cost of room rentals, supplies, and meetup fees by charging a small fee for each activity. The fee will vary and be based on the cost of that specific meetup.

No Show Policy: Please keep your RSVP up to date. We understand life happens, but a member with two no-shows or inappropriately last minute cancelations may be removed from the group.

Fragrance Free: Recognizing that some HSPs are highly sensitive to smells and fragrance, we ask that you refrain from using perfume, after shave, heavily scented lotions, hairspray, etc, when attending our events or the morning of our events.

What is expected of you:

* You are personally and energetically responsible. This is accomplished by:

o You speak well of others, and always choose to believe the best about each person, seeing what is possible for them that they may not yet see for themselves.

o You are viewing others emotions as sacred and treating each person with respect.

* No criticism, harassment or attacks of any type will be tolerated

Benefits of the group:

· Learn to become more vulnerable and accepting in a safe environment

· Meaningful relationships with other likeminded individuals who are committed to becoming their best self

· Feel like you are coming home to your true self

· A more expanded version of yourself

The HSP meetup group is NOT for you if:

· You want to complain, pass blame or have excuses for the things you are currently experiencing rather than taking personal responsibility for your part in creating them.

· You want quick fixes to behaviors and beliefs you have spent a life time reinforcing.

· You want to hang on to what you currently know rather than dropping what you know to learn a new way.

· You are looking for answers outside yourself rather than learning to become empowered through deeper self-inquiry. just looking for answers to why you are the way you are –you simply just like to learn and collect more intellectual understanding.

· You are not ready or willing to do things differently so that you can experience different results.

· You are not serious about transformation and creating real and lasting change.

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A Virtual Meetup to discuss our Future!

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Saturday Afternoon Bowling

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A Virtual Meetup to discuss our Future!

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