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Our goal in Lancaster County Moms Meetup group is to give Lancaster Moms the opportunity to meet other friendly local moms and their children. We try to give those moms a neutral place to be able to meet others, ask questions, and have fun! Come to a Moms Meetup to share experiences, find advice, give support and make new friends. Moms of all races, religions, and backgrounds are welcome in our group. Meetups include home and park play dates, mom's night out, craft nights, book club nights, family events, and more!

Just a note, we do not tolerate any promoting or selling in our group. If you are looking to network this group is not for you. We are here to make friends not customers.

Member obligations: Members should read the Constitution & Bylaws of the group. By joining our group, members agree to our group policies and are expected to follow them. If you violate our policies the leadership team will review the situation and you may be asked to leave the group. Members are expected to pay the $12/year due. That fee covers the operating costs of the site and it is also a bit of a security measure.

Lancaster Mom’s Meetup Bylaws and Policies


Section A: Name – The name of this club shall be Lancaster Mom’s Meetup.

Section B: Purpose – The purpose of this club shall be:

1. Give Lancaster County, PA moms an opportunity to meet local moms and their children.

2. Share experiences, find advice, give support and make new friends.


Section A: Eligibility - Membership shall be open to moms residing in Lancaster County, PA (and surrounding areas).

Section B: Dues – Dues will be $12 per year. Dues cover the cost of running the Meetup website, access to our private Facebook page, and access to all the fun meetups! All members are expected to pay their dues. Dues may be paid through Paypal Friends & Family option and sent to lancastermomsmeetup@gmail.com or directly to the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer. When a member's dues have lapsed they will be reminded and then removed from the group and FB pages.


Section A: Officers – The officers shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section B: Election – The officers shall be elected every January. Coordinators will be volunteer positions.

Section C: Term – The officers shall serve for one year. They are allowed to serve for a maximum of two years.

Section D: Vacancy – If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice-President shall assume the office for the remainder of the term and vacancies in any other office shall be filled by a special election.


Section A: President – it shall be the duty of the President to:

Vote only in case of a tie
Run quarterly Leadership meetings and membership meeting
Maintain a current roster of membership
Welcome all new members
Handle violations of the bylaws by all members
All other duties as needed

Section B: Vice-President – It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to:

Preside in the absence of the President
Keep a file of the club’s records
Assists President with duties
Be a co signer on account to assist Treasurer

Section C: Secretary- It shall be the duty of the Secretary to:

Take minutes of each membership meeting and send to President within one week of meeting
Assists President with duties

Section D: Treasure – It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:

Receive all funds and process requests for Payment
Signatory on account with bank
Keep an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures and make reports as directed
Provide a report to the President

Section E: working Moms Coordinator – A volunteer whose duty shall be to plan events for working moms and provide support for working moms.

Section F: Meal Train Coordinator – A volunteer whose duty shall be to coordinate meal trains for moms who recently had a baby, adopted a baby or have fallen on hard times due to illness, etc.


Section A: Meetings – Membership meetings shall be held quarterly and are open to the entire group. All members are encouraged to attend meetings but are not required to.

Section B: Special Meeting – Special meetings may be called by the President.


Section A: Selection – these bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the chapter membership.

Section B: Notice – All members shall receive advance notice of the proposed amendment at least five days before the meeting. If this can not be accomplished updates must be proposed to the group and left open to a vote for a minimum of 7 days.

ARTICLE IX: Member Duties

Section A: Attendance – Members are expected to attend meetups regularly. We are an in-person group, not an online community. Members are expected to keep their RSVP current. If you are unable to attend, please change your RSVP or alert the host. Please be courteous to your host. We understand emergencies arise.

Section B: Policies – By joining the group you agree to our group policies and are expected to follow them. If you violate our policies, leadership will review the situation and you may be asked to leave the group.

Group Policies:

If you violate our policies you will be given a warning. After three warnings you will be removed from the group. The President and leadership team reserve the right to remove members at any time for violating policies.

In person Meetups will be paused if there is a county ban on in person gatherings.

All hosts have the right to ask about vaccination status of those attending their in-home Meetups. Guests must follow the host’s preferences which must be stated clearly in the event description.

Public Meetups must follow the Covid-19 policies of the host facility.

You may see that some meetups have a waitlist. Don’t be afraid to add your name to the waitlist! Last minute cancellations happen often and there's a very good chance you may get to attend. If you sign up for a waitlisted event keep an eye on that event.

Please keep the germs at home! We follow the same guidelines as most schools/daycares: If your child is sick, please do not attend any meetups until your child has been fever/ symptom-free for at least 24 hours. If you were at a meetup and your child ends up sick that evening or following day, it’s courteous to tell anyone you saw at the previous meetup.

When hosting a meetup that requires a payment upfront the host should handle the money: whether that be through their personal PayPal or members paying the host directly. The meetup site and the moms' group PayPal can NOT be used for this.

Moms will get sign-ups for 13 meals following the birth (adoption etc..) of a baby. You will get 5 meals for illness/injury/difficult times.

Some of our members and their families run their own businesses, and we want to support them! We ask that you do not advertise your services on the Facebook page wall. However, you may suggest your services if someone is looking for recommendations. You may NOT host a Meetup that would be a financial gain for you or your business. If you are looking to support our members, we have a list of member run businesses in the Files section of our Facebook page you may refer to. If you have a business you would like to be added to our list, please contact a leadership member. We will have once a week spam me posts on our private B/S/T page where you can post links to your businesses.

Direct Sales parties: We do not allow Facebook posts about direct sales parties or businesses.

Politics: We are not affiliated with any political party.

Religion: We are not affiliated with any religion or religious group

Malicious gossip, verbal/physical attack, or any ‘mean girl’ type of behavior against another member will not be tolerated and result in the possibility of you being removed from the group. Racist/homophobic/sexist/otherwise intolerant language will not be tolerated. The president and leadership team have the right to remove any member for these offenses.

Facebook Conduct: The goal of our Facebook page is to build a supportive community that is a supplement to in-person connections. Be respectful of differing opinion, cultures, child rearing philosophies and lifestyles. Judging, bullying, and/or shaming is not permitted. Discussion of banned topics will not be allowed and posts will be deleted. Leadership has the right to lock threads as well as ban members who violate rules.

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