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Landings is a free 10 week hospitality program designed for returning Catholics. We meet in the East Bay, in and around Walnut Creek area, either at a parish, Catholic cemetery or other meeting room. It is a guided process with social sharing and listening and helps Catholics who have drifted away from the Church to come back with a greater sense of community, spirituality and understanding.

Whatever your story, whatever your reasons for taking a different path and for what ever time frame it has been, you are welcome as a Catholic to attend our program if you were baptized and have been a practicing Catholic at one time. We have helped current Catholics who feel something missing but are going to church, we've helped some that have been a way just a few years and others that have been gone since their teens.

Here's a great introduction video


And here is a short summary video that I made with Lynn for our program at OLA.


Designed by the Paulist Fathers and running since 1989, the program is hosted and taught by trained laypeople interested in helping others who are taking another look the Catholic Church and want to be a part of ministry. It is a wonderful and warm way to be greeted upon your return to the Church.

Meetings happen once per week on Wednesdays and groups range from 4-10 people, each with their individual stories and journeys. Meetings are focused on the journey and structured around faith story telling and sharing of information and experiences.

We discuss topics such as Who is God? Why Follow Jesus? The Holy Spirit, Death and Resurrection, Prayer. Through the course of the program we learn new things about the Church, gain insight and often experience profound new spirituality.

For more information about the Landings Program, visit: https://landingsintl.org (https://landingsintl.org/)

Joe Witherspoon, your group leader, is a returning Catholic, having been away from the Church for almost 30 years. Joe felt the call to come back to the church and has been helping others through the Landings Ministry first at Our Lady of Angels Church in Burlingame and now in the East Bay where he is based in Lafayette, California.

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Landings Group Session 3 - The Holy Spirit and the Church

CFCS Queen of Heaven Cemetery

This is a part 3 of our 10 part series.

Landings Group Session 4 - Baptism and Confirmation

CFCS Queen of Heaven Cemetery

This is a part 4 of our 10 part series.

Landings Group Session 5 - Eucharist and Liturgy

CFCS Queen of Heaven Cemetery

This is a part 5 of our 10 part series.

Landings Group Session 6 - Sin and Reconciliation

CFCS Queen of Heaven Cemetery

This is a part 6 of our 10 part series.

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Landings Group Session 2 - Why Follow Jesus?

CFCS Queen of Heaven Cemetery

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